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Israel-Hamas Update

-By Natalie Clemente-


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals that one of the reasons for raiding Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital was due to "strong indications" of hostages being held their by Hamas.

(Image from Unsplash)

He stated that captives have been removed from the hospital since the start of the raid, but didn't give much details stating, "the less I say is better". He also mentioned that two deceased hostages were removed from the area surrounding the hospital.

Later on, he states that there is strong evidence of Hamas' leaders using the hospital for military purposes, but fleing before the IDF came close. Equipment, bombs, weapons, and more were found on the lower levels of the hospital by soldiers.

New York Times reporters were led by Israeli soldiers into the hospital and captured what the soldiers claim is a staircase leading underground, which is, "evidence of a Hamas military facility under the hospital." The staircase was discovered underneath a pile of sand according to reports.

The soldiers then told the reporters that they had not yet descended into the stairway as it is believed to be full of booby traps.


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