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Infamous Mafia Boss Dies Months after Conviction

By Lilyan Beck


This morning, mafia boss Mattea Messina Denaro died only months after his arrest.

Denaro had been on the run for decades before he was captured on January 16th, 2023.

Denaro, middle, was convicted on January 16th, 2023 after decades of being on the run (Image from USNews)

Denaro had been fighting colon cancer and was receiving chemotherapy under an alias. However, Investigators were able to track him down and took him into custody when he showed up for a scheduled treatment.

The Mafia Boss was convicted due to over a dozen murders as well as helping to plan a bombing that killed Italy's leading anti-Mafia prosecutors.

According to doctors, his condition only worsened and he had been in a coma since Friday.


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