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In The Booth: New EDM Releases

Updated: May 26, 2020

Big DJs

  1. Make You Happy – Tungevaag, Richard Smitt – Fun, summery, and bouncy. Pretty standard pop EDM but it’s fun.

  2. This Time (Never Be Alone Again) – Dada Life – I’m a new Dada Life fan but everything I’ve heard from them is pretty good. This seems to fall in line with the stuff I’ve heard so if you like them, check this out. If you don’t know them, this could be a good start.

  3. Genie In A Bottle – Faustix, Litening – Like a lot of big time DJs these days (I don’t think I’m making a negative comment, but I might be), this song is fairly poppy. It’s fun, but I don’t think I’d hear it or play it in a club.

  4. Talk To Me (Club Mix) – Möwe, Conor Maynard, Sam Feldt, RANI – Lots of big names, but does not fall into the poppy thing I mentioned a second ago. I would play this in one of my sets.


Small DJs

  1. Shriek – ALTI – This song is sure to get a crowd hype. I’d def play it. Electro housey with good dynamics and a nice bridge that has a subtle breakbeat.

  2. Switch Up – Redxeelo – Definitely check this out. This is Redxeelo’s second song on Spotify and it goes hard (not in a basshead way, sorry).

  3. Forever – Beutos – This track is kind of a hard future bass??? I dunno, but I like it. It has some downtempo parts and some intense parts and the drops HIT.


God King’s Choice

  1. Girl With the Bat – Idris Elba, Shadow Boxxer – This song has a booming bassline that drives the song and I really dig it. It’s dark and not too complex. This is… Tech House? To be honest, I’m still learning genres.

  2. Goddess – Krewella, NERVO, Raja Kumari – This song feels more like pop instead of EDM, but I like it. It sounds like Hey Mama by David Guetta, Afrojack, and Nicki Minaj.

  3. Offbeat – Swanky Tunes – I’m writing these descriptions in reverse order, but God King’s Choice is generally either vibey or something like complextro. But no matter what, it’ll always be something that makes me dance and groove. This song is dark with some edgey sound design. Very good.

  4. Bigger Than Us – Traveler – I think this is a trance song? Or prog house? It’s vibey. I’d play it in a club in Europe.

  5. Void – Seth Hills – This song has some electro/complex house influence and is really dark. I can’t place the genre but I really dig it.

  6. Secret Technique – Eprom – This. Song. Is. Grimy. In the best way possible. Listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. (But not like the Grime genre)

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