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In The Booth: LYNX’s Top 10 Must-Listen Tracks for the Week

Updated: May 19, 2020

For this week, I’m going to recommend mostly Progressive House tracks. I’ve really been loving the fun and emotional songs that modern progressive house has to offer as well as the infectious rhythms and interesting compositions of older progressive house. Here are my recommendations for the third week of May:

1. Martin Garrix – Higher Ground (feat. John Martin)

a. This newly released track is a really good and wonderfully made song. The vocals are very moving and the production is top notch. Overall, a great example of modern progressive house.

2. deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder

a. This example of old-school progressive house is a groovy track that makes you want to dance. The vocals keep the groove going throughout the whole track, and the funky rhythms will keep you dancing until the very end, or until you press repeat.

3. David Guetta – Turn Me On (feat. Nicki Minaj)

a. Another slightly older track, this is a great example of a fusion of progressive house and pop. The vocals by Nicki Minaj are well accompanied by the powerful synths and infectious drum rhythms. Sometimes you just got to listen to what the song says and turn it on.

4. LZRD & Jake Miller – Anything Anymore

a. Some more modern progressive house, this track has emotional vocals and amazing composition. The simple yet infectious melodic hook ensures the drop is not lacking for anything, and the lyrics paint a great picture for the audience to relate to.

5. Matisse & Sadko – Strings Again

a. These guys are slowly becoming one of my new favorites when it comes to progressive house. This release from a couple months ago is cementing my opinion with its interesting arrangement and emotional composition. A great track for dancing and feeling.

6. Porter Robinson – Language

a. While this track shares a few similarities composition-wise with older progressive house tracks, the production elements are somewhat reminiscent of electro house. The slightly more distorted synths playing very anthemic lead lines with the iconic piano line in the background all come together to create a powerful and emotional song that will continue to be loved for years to come.

7. Owl City & Sarah Russell - Thunderstruck

a. While this is not necessarily a track that is well known in or out of progressive house circles, this song’s drop has multiple elements that indicate a very strong progressive house influence, and the lyrical talent of Owl City and Sarah Russell ensures that the vocals are just as strong as the instrumental and the two come together to form a track that is just pure fun.

8. Avicii – Levels

a. Everyone who knows me knew that this track was going to make it on one of my lists. The famous lead will instantly get anyone up on their feet, and that hook will have everyone in the room singing at the top of their lungs. Whenever you feel a little down, I know at least for me that whenever I listen to this song, I get a good feeling.

9. MANSE – Together (ft. David Shane)

a. A new track by this incredible artist, it has a wonderful vibe to it and a noticeable country influence. While this may not seem like something EDM would favor, Avicii proved that it could work with Wake Me Up and Hey Brother, and Manse continues to show that it can be done with this emotional and uplifting track.

10. Martin Garrix – High On Life (feat. Bonn)

a. This song is just wonderful. The lyrics that paint a beautiful picture, the well arranged piano, strings, guitar, and synths, and the drop that makes it a perfect song to end a live set with. This song always gets me in the mood to dance, and I think it will do the same for you.

Ryan O’Connor is a fifth-year senior studying physics at CWU. He is an avid gamer and nerd and loves to share and hear opinions about anything related to these things. He is also the DJ on Electropolis known as LYNX.

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