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In The Booth: LYNX’s Top 10 Must-Listen Tracks for the Week

For this week, I’m going to recommend mostly Electro and Future House tracks. There are some newer songs that are awesome, but there are also some older tracks that I am re-discovering and absolutely loving. Here are my recommendations for the first week of May:

1. NLW & Blinders – Hydra

a. Aggressive electro house, this track is an absolute banger collaboration between Blinders and NLW, Afrojack’s side project.

2. Conor Ross – Dance

a. Club-ready future house, this track can make you really want to stand up, stretch, let loose and dance.

3. Benny Benassi – Back To The Pump

a. Released in 2013, this track is pure energy and will keep you motivated even when you think you can’t go any further. Turn this during a run when you need a boost, and you will get it.

4. RetroVision & Dirty Palm – Switch That

a. This funky yet fun track is just a joy to listen to with a mixture of aggressive drums and happy, pleasant melodies.

5. Zedd, Matthew Koma, & Miriam Bryant – Find You (Kevin Drew Remix)

a. This track is also an older one released in 2014, but it takes a slightly more aggressive and epic tone with Zedd’s wonderful composition which results in a fun and entertaining track.

6. Raven & Kreyn – Bad Boy

a. A slightly darker but still energetic track, this future house banger will get you motivated and energized no matter what you are doing.

7. Brooks & Julian Jordan – Without You

a. A brand new offering from two amazing talents, this electro house track keeps both artist’s signature styles while ensuring that its addicting hook keeps you dancing.

8. Tiesto & Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone – Jackie Chan (Daijo Remix)

a. This is a slightly slower yet still powerful track that can keep your energy up on a difficult run or during a difficult assignment. Turn it on and let those gritty bases energize you!

9. Krewella – Team

a. While this is not a house track, it still has an energetic vibe that can keep you going even when you think you cannot go any further.

10. Madeon – The City

a. While slightly different from most modern house tracks, Madeon has created a song that almost tells an entire story while also having some of the most infectious melodies and rhythms ever.

Ryan O’Connor is a fifth-year senior studying physics at CWU. He is an avid gamer and nerd and loves to share and hear opinions about anything related to these things. He is also the DJ on Electropolis known as LYNX.

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