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In The Booth: God King Recommends

I sifted through tracks that came out between now and last week and these are the ones I think are worth checking out.


Big DJs

  1. Pomegranate - Deadmau5, The Neptunes - More groovy and funky, less EDM-y, doesn’t quite feel like a Deadmau5 track, but it’s still good. I dunno if he’s branching out or if it’s influence from The Neptunes but it is what it is.

  2. Voices - Brooks, KSHMR, Tzar - Fun and bouncy and feels like we’re going into summer which is perfect cause it’s about that time. Break out the summer jams!

  3. Someone To Love You - Tritonal, Brooke Williams - I haven’t been a huge fan of Tritonal’s newer stuff, but this one made me happy. It feels like it’d be on the highlight reel of a music festival montage or something. Lots of dynamic variation, good buildups, satisfying drops, it’s a good track.

  4. Neon Future IV (remixes)(album) - Steve Aoiki and many others - I generally avoid putting remixes on this list because I wanna highlight new releases, but this is an album with 27 tracks, 24 of which are unique songs with unique artists, every single one is a remix of one of Steve Aoiki’s tracks from his album Neon Future IV.

  5. Want You (So Bad) - Bassjackers - Another fun summer track. Pretty light, but has enough energy to keep the party going.


Small DJs

  1. DISCOVERY (album) - SP3RROW - So often, artists in every genre will release a new single so it’s nice when someone drops a whole album! SP3RROW’s latest album DISCOVERY covers a wide variety of genres so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. There’s some pop punk influenced tracks, some headbanger stuff, some good future bass-y, synthy goodness, the list goes on. Give it a try!

  2. Bring It on Down - Akey - This track has a good thumping bassline and would do well in a mix or soundtracking a party, but not great for casual listening. I’ve mentioned that I’m still getting acquainted with all the EDM genres, but I think this might be… Deep House?

  3. Brokenhardware - Langis Wolf - This song wasn’t quite my genre, but I’ll put it in for the headbangers. It has some trap influence and some dubstep wobbles. I think this would be a hit at bass canyon.


God King's Choice

  1. 2U - Bad Computer - I generally enjoy the Monstercat label and this song doesn’t disappoint. I guess I could categorize it as progressive house, but it uses some unconventional sounds for a prog house song. It’s one of those songs that takes you on a journey and I really dig it.

  2. Funky - Long Play - I really dig funk so if you’re not a fan, skip this one, but It hits the right EDM notes and has enough funk to consider a funky song. I really like it.

  3. Right Behind - Blinders - Definitely a hype club song. I’d put it in my mix. This is pretty solid electro house so I recommend it if you’re into that. It even has an extended mix for the DJs.

  4. Drop It - LöKii - This is another one of those songs that I can’t recommend for casual listening, but would do awesome in a mix or club setting. I vibed with it. It’s dark and not too complicated so don’t go in thinking it’ll rock your socks off; it’s for a specific vibe and if you need that vibe, this song is what you need.

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