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In The Booth: DJ Recommends

What's up party people! This is God King Apollo and I DJ for Electropolis at 88.1 The Burg. I've got a bunch of songs for you that are fresh off the presses. Five songs from Big time DJs, five songs from smaller DJs, and five that are my personal favs.


5 Big DJ Tracks

  1. Inside My Head (Voices) -- Don Diablo -- “Back on the block, get ready to rock.” Steadily releasing tracks every 2 weeks since the beginning of the year (and before?), this is Don Diablo’s latest track. No features, no collabs, certifiably slaps. If you like Don Diablo’s newer solo stuff, you’ll love this track.

  2. 911 – R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet Fun and bouncy and just what we need to get us dancing in our quarantined homes. The drop has a psytrance vibe which really just means it’s got a fast driving bassline that’s sure to get you moving on the living room dance floor.

  3. in case I never see you again -- San Holo, Analogue Dear -- Not all EDM is intense and dancy. This song is a vibe. Enough said.

  4. Without You -- Brooks, Julian Jordan -- I don’t know a whole lot about Brooks or Julian Jordan yet but I’ve heard their names and I definitely enjoy this track. You’ll probably hear it in one of my sets soon.

  5. I Love My Friends (Feat. Icona Pop) Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays Remix -- The original song came out last month, but this remix came out May 1st and it’s got all the big names so you can expect some good things.


5 Small DJ Tracks

  1. Cyborgs -- FREEWILL -- I’m still new to the basshead scene so I can’t speak to whether this song slaps or not, but it got me grooving so make of it what you will. I feel like you’ll definitely see this guy at Bass Canyon.

  2. Swear To God -- Guspire, Annamarie Rosanio -- While I can’t get down with riddim or heavy dubstep, I do enjoy melodic dubstep and this one fits that solidly. DJ-recommended. Also this is Guspire’s first track on spotify!

  3. Want It -- Kumarion -- This song is downtempo and vibey, but then it got to the 1 minute, 37 second mark and oh damn. Still vibey, but an extra oomph.

  4. Dat Beat Go -- Thomas Anthony, Seelo -- Not big artists, but not quite small and up-and-coming. This song is dark and intense and felt like a cyberpunk night club (without being a cyberpunk song).

  5. Just Go With It -- DJ Kirk -- Definitely a small artist. The buildup and verses to this song didn’t quite hook me, but the drops did. Give this song and artists a chance like I did and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Top 5 DJ's Choice

  1. Roller -- Dub FX -- Dub FX is one of my all-time favorite artists. He’s a live-looping beatboxer but expands to other genres. He does hip hop, reggae, and sometimes drum and bass. This track released on May 1st and is a light drum and bass track. After his album release from January 31st that was mostly reggae, I’m extremely hyped for this track. It may not be your jam, but this is #1 on my playlist this week.

  2. I Never Stay In Love -- Stephen -- I’m not really sure what genre Stephen does and I don’t really know that this track counts as EDM. It’s definitely not a club or festival song, but it could go in a chill mix or something like that. It’s got some weird sound design that I can’t for the life of me place and I absolutely love it.

  3. Slow Emotion 4 -- Giuseppe Ottaviani -- Ok. I’m sitting here listening to new tracks and this one starts and I had to stop what I was doing to listen to it. The beginning is super interesting and cool, but the drop is pretty standard… Trance? I’d definitely give it a listen to find out what a slow emotion track sounds like. Because “A slow emotion track sounds like this.” In my opinion, worth listening to just for the intro. Give it a listen.

  4. Higher Ground -- Deltay heavy, MUZZ, Cammie Robinson -- This track isn’t the heaviest drum and bass, but it’s stronger than the Dub FX track. I really dig this one.

  5. Soundcheck -- Super8 & Tab, Rodg -- This is a solid Progressive House track and is the perfect song for when you’re not tryna go ham, but not quite tryna fall asleep.

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