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Hurricane Otis in Mexico

By Natalie Clemente


Hurricane Otis, now a Category 5 storm unleashed it's strong winds on Acapulco, Mexico earlier this morning.

The rapidly intensifying storm had went from a simple tropical storm to a category five hurricane within 12 hours, right before landfall in southern Mexico.

(Image from Unsplash)

Officials and residents were given very little time to prepare for the sudden increase of power from Otis, which is now the strongest storm on record to hit the Acapulco area and the Pacific coast of Mexico.

As Otis was approaching the coast yesterday, the National Hurricane Center warned that a, "nightmare scenario is unfolding. There are no hurricanes on record even close to this intensity for this part of Mexico."

Winds of 116mph were reported when Otis hit the shore this morning at 12:25am local time and within hours, the winds slowed to 110mph.

As the storm goes inland, it is expected to weaken quickly as it moves over Mexico's higher terrain and is expected to dissipate tonight according to the hurricane center.


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