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Huni and Grig Cut From Dignitas Roster

Why did Dignitas make the roster cuts?

Huni and grig are considered the weak links when looking at Dignitas. The team looked like a top 3 finisher early in the split with a 3-0 start. Even though the start was strong the finish was weak with a record of 8-10 and missing playoffs in the tiebreaker tournament. When looking at the team composition of Dignitas Froggen, Johnsun, and Aphromoo looked well all split long and were able to play a slow paced scaling style that allowed Dig to win the games that they did this split. Grig was deemed a weak link about middle of the split and was replaced by jungler Akadian who seemed to be the better fit for the direction that Dignitas wanted to move forward with. Huni played well this split but was signed onto a lucrative 2.3 million dollar contract before the split started. Huni did not play up to the expectations of the contract therefore this accounted for his release.

Where will Grig go?

The only team I currently see Grig going to at the moment is CLG. Grig would be an upgrade over Wiggly and the two would provide competition for each other. Grig dies one less time per game while providing similar statistics from the kill stat. Wiggly does provide more assists that Grig. I believe that Wiggly died early in many games allowing there to be an early advantage for the enemy teams that were playing against CLG. Grig would provide some stability to CLG and point them back into the right direction.

Where will Huni Go?

Huni has a few options since he is still one of the best top laners in the LCS and there are a few teams that struggle from the top lane position.

The best fit would be Evil Geniuses. I believe that Huni playing poorly is still better than Kumo on EG. Kumo had performed better from a k.d.a. perceptive than Huhi due to the tank champions that Kumo plays. The replacement would provide another strong solo lane for EG.

Who will Dignitas replace Huni with?

Dignitas will replace Huni with their academy top laner Laurlo who finished the academy slpit with a 9.89 k.d.a.. Huni finished with a 1.96 k.d.a. to put into perspective why Dignitas would make that move. Laurlo seems to have inflated stats due to his play being in the academy league. The difference in skill may be different between the leagues however, Laurlo is no slouch of a player and seems to be the guy to make an immediate impact.

My opinion on the moves

I believe that Dignitas made two quality moves by getting rid of Grig and Huni. I think that the cap room that Dignitas will have from the moves will help position the team in the right direction. Dignitas has the roster to be competitive and it the improvement from a 8-10 to a top 3-4 team should be a simple fix.

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