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Hungary Cutting Funds for Ukraine

-By Ryan Gildersleeve-


Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, announced late Thursday night the country's decision to pull the plug on $55B that would've gone to Ukraine.

(Image from Unsplash)

This has led to situation which sees Hungary at forefront of european displeasure. Ukraine has relied almost entirely on external funding from the EU and US throughout this war, and has been on the receiving end of smaller and smaller checks each time.

Recently, Ukraine has been thoroughly shook up by the United States' wavering support, with aid continuously being delayed for the war torn country.

The main piece in play, is that of Ukraine's potential EU membership. The country very recently began the process of becoming a member of the European Union, but without an overwhelming victory over russia, that future is becoming far harder to see.

But while other members and potential members were excited by Ukraine's arrival, Orban was not. The prime minister would post a video message to social media, stating, "EU membership of Ukraine is a bad decision. Hungary does not want to participate in this bad decision."


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