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Hulu Series Review: Kill la Kill

Calling all anime fans! Whether or not you’re a die-hard, during quarantine we’re all looking for a good show to watch, and do I have the one for you. If you’re a subscriber to Hulu, a fan of action and a good plotline, I recommend checking out the Trigger anime, Kill la Kill. Take a trip to Honnouji Academy to see why competition is a must to stay afloat and follow the main character, Ryuko Matoi on her quest to avenge her fallen father. 

As someone who has watched a fair share of anime, I can attest that Kill la Kill has some fantastic, classic animation. Made in 2013, this was Trigger’s, first original television anime project, and they do not disappoint. It was accepted so well in fact that there was a video game adaptation released in 2019, nearly 6 years after its original release. Having slight deviations from the original storyline, it's impressive that it was brought to life on different consoles such as the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. I love to see good anime get the recognition it deserves from fans as well, and the fandom is alive and well on social media platforms such as Instagram even to this day. And with the clothing being such a pivotal part of the show, cosplayers from all over celebrate the art that it is by remaking the Goku uniforms themselves and immersing themselves in the true experience the show is.


One of my favorite aspects of this show is the lack of a love plot. I find in anime that often the plot can revolve around a relationship and while that’s great sometimes, it’s nice just to have some good old-fashioned fighting and action. There is some love involved, but not romantic. Again, Ryuko is on a quest to avenge her father, which shows her true passion for family. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, displays the intense mommy issues the student council president, Satsuki Kiryiun. The two end up finding love and comradery in interesting places (without giving too much of a spoiler), and side characters give anyone in search of romance a subtle amount without derailing the actual plot.

With intense battle scenes in every episode, this two-season, 24-episode anime is perfect for anyone in need of a classic that will not let them down. It gives you a different take on world domination and even appeals to fashion lovers with life fibers being something to fantasize about in our own (rather boring comparatively) world. I recommend you check the series out when you have time to binge, as the episodes can leave you at some intense cliff hangers. And also, with it coming in both a decent dub and of course excellent sub, is great to get newcomers to anime into the art form it is. 

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