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How to install Desktop Application

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

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Where to install

Install Desktop Application zip file Here, at the top of the page

Extract Contents of the zip file to your desktop

Launch the 'setup.exe' or 'setup.msi' to begin your install

Does not work for MacOS or Linux

Windows Protected your PC

When installing the application, Allow the program to run on your computer.

Select 'More info' than 'Run anyways' to continue

Follow the instruction in the installer. It is recommended to keep everything default.

You have successfully installed our desktop application!

The Music Player will be blocked by a Login. If you do not have a login contact 881 The Burg's General Manager or Engineer for more information. A Server address should also be supplied.

Select a Playlist from the drop down menu at the top of the page and the player will automatically play.

Left click a song at the bottom of the form to play any song at any time.

Updating Music Player

Left click the 'i' icon on the top left of the form to open an information window. Left click the 'Check for Update' button.

Make sure you launch the player as admin to successfully install a new update.

Installing Playlist Creator

Extract the 'Setup' to your desktop. Open the new folder on your desktop and launch the 'setup.exe' or 'setup.msi' to start your installation

Does not work for MacOS or Linux

The installation is the same for both programs, see above for more details.

Using the Playlist Creator

To make your own playlist, select the 'Browse' button at the bottom of the page. A pop-up window should appear.

Select the folder with your Music and Sweepers than hit 'OK' at the bottom of the pop-up. This will display all the songs in the given location on the Left side of the window.

You can manually select the songs you wish to be in your playlist in any order. You can also manually remove any songs from your playlist by left clicking the song on the right side of the window. Any songs on the right side of the window will be used in your playlist

Selecting the 'Playlist' button on the top of the form will open a window to setting to help build your playlist.

Shuffle Playlist will shuffle all songs on the right side of the window

Add Sweepers will add all sweepers in a 'sweepers' folder every 3 songs.

Add All Songs will add all songs into your playlist. This will not add sweepers.

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