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Hospital in the Middle of the War

By Lilyan Beck


Palestinian authorities have called for an evacuation of a hospital that has been encircled by Israeli forces.

Within this hospital are hundreds of patients, medical staff, displaced people, and dozens of newborn babies.

(Image from Unsplash)

This hospital served as a safe haven for many before supplies started to dwindle and electricity was turned off.

Israel is accusing Hamas of using this hospital as a cover or its fighters. Israel claims that based on intelligence, they believe that the Hamas command center is both in and beneath the hospital.

As of today, forty patients including three babies have died since the emergency generator has run out of fuel.

According to a Health Ministry spokesman, they have been proposing ideas to evacuate the hospital within supervision by the Red Cross, but this would need a cease fire which has not been confirmed yet.

Officials are hoping to evacuate the hospital into another hospital in Egypt today, News Central will keep you up to date on what happens.


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