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Henry Kissinger Dead at 100

-By Ryan Gildersleeve-


Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state who had a large part in the beginning of Chinese and U.S relations, has died at his Kent, Connecticut residence at the age of 100.

(Image from Unsplash)

Kissinger was a cornerstone piece of American foreign relations, as well as military intelligence.

After graduating from Harvard University, Kissinger played a major role in the de-escalation of tempers in the Soviet Union, also helping to further the United States’ military capabilities.

Kissinger would reach the end of his life with a laundry list of accomplishments and reasons to be awestruck over the political titan’s sheer ability to think situations through.

Kissinger in one way or another assisted 12 presidents in his lifetime, more than a quarter of the nation’s top leaders. Ranging all the way from John F Kennedy to current President Joe Biden.

Rest In Peace Dr. Kissinger


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