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Harvard Professor Awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

By Ryan Gildersleeve


Claudia Goldin, a Harvard Professor from New York, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in economics this morning following her research into Women’s income and employment statistics.

(Image from The Boston Globe)

Goldin was able to put together her now award winning research by studying the available information regarding chosen occupations amongst men and women.

Her research led her to the conclusion that while chosen occupation was a driving factor in gender pay inequality in the past, that’s likely not the case anymore.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said, “However, Goldin has shown that the bulk of this earnings difference is now between men and women in the same occupation, and that it largely arises with the birth of the first child.”

Jakob Svensson, chair of the economic sciences prize, also added, “Understanding women’s role in the labor market is important for society. Thanks to Claudia Goldin’s groundbreaking research we now know much more about the underlying factors and which barriers may need to be addressed in the future.”


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