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Gregg Abbott Threatens to 'Invade' Mexico

By Natalie Clemente


Earlier this week, Texas governor Gregg Abbott stated that he has declared an invasion on Mexico over the influx of migrants coming over the southern border.

Image from Wix

Governor Abbott tweeted on Wednesday saying, "I officially declared an invasion at our border because of Biden's policies." He also wrote that the Texas national guard and local law enforcement have been sent and a border wall and marine barriers are being put in place.

He also posted a video on social media of what he describes as the federal government cutting down the state's razor wire fence in Eagle pass. In response, he stated that he has sent the Texas national guard to, "repel illegal crossings and install more razor wire."

Immigration lawyer Kate Goldfinch commented that there is no invasion at the border and using the term is, "inaccurate and extremely dangerous."

All of this is part of a legal battle between the Federal Government and governor Abbott over the state putting a floating border in the Rio Grande earlier this year.

The federal government claims that the barrier in the Rio Grande is illegal and a humanitarian threat. On the other hand, Abbott has stated that the biden administration is doing nothing to protect the southern border.

The U.S. government and Texas have an appeals court hearing for October 5th, and until a judge says otherwise, the river barrier can remain where it is.


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