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Government to Possibly go on Shutdown

By Lilyan Beck


Congress has returned to Washington early this morning to try and find an agreement which will dodge a government shutdown.

Eleven appropriation bills remain for McCarthy and his team (Image from Wix)

As of right now, this agreement does not exist.

What is causing this potential shutdown is a decision that Kevin McCarthy must make. According to the Washington Post, "McCarthy could have to make a defining decision: Either put an expected bipartisan Senate stopgap bill on the House floor and risk his speakership, or withhold scheduling a vote on the Senate proposal and side with hard-right legislators in triggering a government shutdown."

There have been multiple plans that have been backed up by House Republicans that would fund the government for a short period which would dodge the shutdown, but each of these plans have fallen through.

McCarthy is hopeful that him and his team can advance four of the remaining eleven appropriation bills this week. These would fund defense, agriculture, the state department, and homeland security. However, four may not be enough the prevent the shutdown which would begin on October 1st.


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