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Gardening with Cyan! Pt. 1

Updated: May 4, 2020

Today's segment: Natural weeding


If you have nothing else to do and you're bored, I highly suggest going outside (or even on your deck) to start a gardening project.

Today we’ll be focusing on pulling weeds. We all know that weeds get in the way of having a beautiful garden or landscape. I’m going to share my best technique into getting out those nasty weeds the simplest and easiest method.


1. Locate the weed you want to pull out

2. Find its base to create better access before starting the procedure

3. Grab the long gardening knife.

4. Stick the pointed end of the knife into the ground just outside of the weed’s base.

5. Make sure the knife has almost entirely emerged under the ground.

6. Begin to tilt the tool upwards so you can push the weed out of the ground

7. Grab the roots of the weed once it is visible

8. Pull/twist the plant to make sure all the roots come out of the ground (because you don’t want that evil and ugly thing to grow back)

9. Throw the object into a pile, bucket, wheelbarrow- whatever you prefer-.

10. OPTIONAL: carry the pulled weeds over to a firepit and light those suckers on fire.

Post weeds

What I find most enjoyable after gardening is a nice glass of homemade lemonade. My mom came up with a super healthy and delicious recipe for lemonade. The ingredients are; water (fill 3/4 of your container), lemon juice (fill the rest of the container after water), stevia (add to fulfill whatever sweetness you prefer), and a dash of calcium/magnesium powder. This is a guilt-free version of the sugary lemonade we're used to drinking. After your thirst-quenching drink, you’re ready to relax for the rest of the day.

Happy gardening!

Hi everyone! The writer of this blog is Cyan Fuehr. She's currently a freshman at CWU who is planning on majoring in Business administration/marketing and minoring in nutrition + entrepreneurship. Cyan has a huge passion for music, nature, volleyball, working out, and dogs. We hope you have a wonderful day! :)


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