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Game Pass Reviews- My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro

Studio: Deadtoast Entertainment

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Guns! Robots! Lasers! Bananas?

“My Friend Pedro” is a game that is just as fun as it is non-sensical. This shoot ‘em up is a unique blend of a run-and-gun and puzzle game that morph together to create a game like no other. The mystery of the story and fluidity of the action sequences makes this game by Deadtoast Entertainment a must play.


Wild. The only way to describe this game is complete insanity. When you begin the game, there is no context, as you wake up in the backroom of a butcher’s shop. Here, you are greeted by a floating, talking banana, who introduces himself as “your friend Pedro”. At this point, you are given a pistol and GO!

The game then takes you through a tunnel of chaos and confusion as you backflip and shoot your way through levels of robot soldiers or angry nerds. All of this is done on the path to figure out who you are and why you woke up in the back of that butcher’s shop.

As you continue on through the game, questions keep coming faster than you can get answers. Just when you start to learn something new about the game, the game throws you a curveball to keep you on your toes. The story is chock full of all the action tropes you could imagine. From motorcycle chases to free-fall shootouts, “My Friend Pedro” is filled with exciting elements that combine to make one fo the most fun action games on Game Pass right now.


Despite its chaotic nature, “My Friend, Pedro” is a straightforward action game with a story that makes you want to keep playing. Something about knowing nothing about your situation and figuring it out along the way is a very satisfying and not something that you see in many games. The game slowly feeds you hints in a way that is rewarding but still leaves you wanting to find out more. The story act much like each level—once you start, you can’t stop until you reach the end.

The game mechanics are very impressive, and despite it being a run-and-gun style game, Deadtoast Entertainment was able to incorporate parkour and bullet-time-like mechanics to allow you to fluidly backflip and dive though levels in slo-mo while gunning down waves of enemies. The controls are very clean and the game effortlessly lets you feel like the action star of your favorite spy or assassin movie.

The only caveat I have with the game is after a while, the levels begin to feel similar. While you battle your way through the game, the enemies change and the puzzles elevate in difficulty so it never feels incredibly stale—just at times, the actions have a tendency to feel slightly repetitive. While playing, I didn’t want to put the game down; but whenever I would step away for another game, I had a hard time coming back to it. However, when I would sit down to play it again, it was as fun as I had remembered. There is enough variety, to make the levels fun throughout with random twists to keep you going, but not necessarily a storyline that will make you wake up and want to keep playing right away.

Overall, “My Friend Pedro” is a fun game if you’re looking to pass the time and play a refreshing game that differentiates itself from all of the first-person-shooters and battle-royales. The unique gameplay and interesting plotline make this game a great way to pass time during your quarantine so make sure not to let it go under your radar.

Rating: 8.5/10

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