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Florida Train Crash leaves Six Family Members Killed

By Callie Wyckoff


6 family members were killed and one injured after a freight train crushed an SUV in Florida on Saturday evening.

The Sheriff, who responded to the scene, states that, "for unknown reasons, the driver slowly crossed the tracks directly in the trains path."

The train rolled and ejected the five passengers out of the car; all were announced dead upon impact.

One victim of the crash remains in critical condition after the wreck (Not image of actual event (Image from Wix))

The driver, Jose Hernandez, and the front passenger were rescued and both transported to Lakeland Regional Hospital. Both were listed as being in critical condition.

Hernandez later died in the Hospital, but the front passenger remains in critical condition.

The Sheriffs Special Victims Unit has been providing resources for those close to the families affected by this incident.


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