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First Day of Trump's Fraud Trial

By Ryan Gildersleeve


Former President Donald Trump is set to appear in New York today as he begins the fight in his fraud trial.

Trump, middle, at the first day of his fraud trial (Image from CNN)

New York Attorney General Letitia James concluded an investigation into Trump’s business procedures in September of 2022, the results of this investigation bringing up enough for a full-scale trial to begin.

Trump is being accused of inflating the value of properties he owned in both New York State and Florida. If found guilty, the price for the former president will reportedly be $250 Million as well as never being able to conduct business in New York again.

Not much has been heard from the former president in the hours leading up to the case, though he did share his mind from his social media site, Truth, stating, “FRAUDULENT in pursuit of Election Interference, and worse. THIS WHOLE CASE IS A SHAM!!!”


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