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Fight in the Senate

By Ryan Gildersleeve


The senate atmosphere dampened quite a bit yesterday, as Senators Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma, and Sean O’Brien, a labor union head who was only present as a witness of the hearing, shared confrontational words before being berated by Bernie Sanders.

(Image from Unsplash)

Mullin stated toward O’Brien, “I appreciate your demeanor today. It's quite different. But after you left here, you got pretty excited about the keyboard. In fact, you tweeted at me, one, two, three, four, five times.”

This all came as Mullin was pointing to printed out pages of O’Brien’s tweets, signifying that he was waiting for the moment to call out Mr. O’Brien.

“You know where to find me. Any time, any place, cowboy.' Sir, this is a time. This is a place… If you want to run your mouth, we can be two consenting adults. We can finish it here.”

The two then exchanged words before standing up out of their seats. No physical interaction ended up taking place, and likely for the best, as Markwayne Mullin has a 5-0 record in Mixed Martial Arts, and likely would’ve made the most out of any opportunity given to him.

Bernie Sanders of Vermont verbally separated the pair, stating, “Stop it. You're a United States senator… This is a hearing. And God knows the American people have enough contempt for Congress. Let's not make it worse.”


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