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Donald Trump Jr. Takes the Stand

By Ryan Gildersleeve


Donald Trump Jr. took the stand yesterday in the ongoing fraud trial surrounding the business of his family, specifically his father.

Upon taking the stand, many could’ve anticipated a stern, serious feeling to come from Trump Jr as he entered the courthouse. Though this wasn’t the case. Trump entered the courthouse full of smiles, laughs, and jokes as he made his way through the near 2 hours of questioning.

(Image from Unsplash)

Don Jr. isn’t the only of the former president’s children to become involved with this case though, as both Ivanka, Donald’s Daughter, and Eric, his son, are scheduled to appear in the courthouse in the coming days.

Don Jr. is well known for his satire political commentary on social media, namely Instagram, where he’s amassed a large following as a meme page of sorts, slinging conservative jokes nearly on the daily. Where things start to shift is when you investigate his involvement with the Trump Corporation, and just what he testified to today, that being a practically hand off approach when it comes to the financials, being more involved with the conceptual side of the business.

This has been Don Jr’s claim the entire case, as he’s repeatedly attempted to communicate that he does not work with the exact financials of the business, which added to reasoning for his lighthearted demeanor in the courtrooms.

While not much is likely to come from Don Jr’s side of the case, we will continue to keep you updated if and when new information breaks.


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