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Updated: May 20, 2020

Rating: A-

INTRODUCTION  I’ve never actually seen this movie before. I thought it was time since literally, everyone else has seen it. Maybe I got so caught up in school that I forgot movies existed. This movie is basically about an ice bender who has to choose between her beloved family and friends, or her powers. 

I think it’s safe to say that the original movie is always the best version of a series. Although, I did like how they incorporated Elsa and her family history’s past. Movies should always give background to the characters otherwise I’d be confused as heck. I’m glad they gave more info about everyone. I want Kristoff to have a movie dedicated to himself because he’s such a sweet guy who doesn’t get a lot of credit for everything he’s done. 

CHARACTER(S) The FREAKIN SALAMANDER! He’s so adorable and an even better version of toothless from how to train your dragon (sorry for all the toothless fans out there). They’re so similar because of their beady eyes and oblivion. I don't think they're ever aware of what people are saying, and I love it. All the characters are great, and I don't have the least favorite.


  1. The directors/producers took a trip to Norway, Iceland, and Finland to find inspiration for the movie. I wish I could go!! 

  2. The animators used VR to envision the path of the wind spirit, "Gale." Imagine how dizzy they must’ve gotten. 

  3. Arendelle village had to be completely redone because only a tiny bit of it showed in the first movie, and they needed more visuals. I would be so frustrated! 

  4. Josh Gad improvised the Samantha line and it was put into the film. Mistakes can become successes!


My favorite parts: when Elsa first met the fire spirit salamander thing, my whole body was rolling all over the place because it was SO CUTE!! I was so scared at first when the fire was uncontrollable since Elsa couldn't even control it. When he fizzed our and became that adorable little animal, I LOST it. I'm not going to lie; I teared up a bit when Elsa discovered her calling and her mother because I could feel the emotion, my god!!

The thing I learned from this movie is to never let go of the things that matter most. It's so flipping easy to get caught up in the power of being royal and rich because of all the things that come with it. Also, follow your heart. I know I know it sounds super cliché… when you follow your heart though, you listen to what your body and soul needs. Disney never gets old, and in fact, it's gotten better over the years.

Hi everyone! The writer of this blog is Cyan Fuehr. She is currently a freshman at CWU who’s planning on majoring in Business administration/marketing and minoring in nutrition + entrepreneurship. Cyan has a huge passion for music, nature, volleyball, working out, and dogs. We hope you have a wonderful day! :)


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