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Border Opens Between Gaza and Egypt

By Lilyan Beck


Early this morning, many were able to leave Gaza as the border crossing to Egypt has opened.

(Image from unsplash)

This crossing has been closed since October 7th when Hamas first started the attacks with Israel.

Those are are able to cross are foreign passport holders and some wounded citizens.

At least five Americans have been confirmed to cross, but that is only five of the 400 American's who are trapped.

One of these Americans told CBS news, "They started letting foreigners out today but it's not Americans because I guess we're not as important as we thought. The American Embassy and the State Department haven't called us since the last time we went to the border and got bombed four times. They haven't been communicating with us or doing anything to get us out."

At least 81 people will be crossing in Egypt via ambulance to receive medical care.

It is expected that 545 people will try to cross.


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