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Biden-Xi Meeting

By Ryan Gildersleeve


President Biden and Xi Jingping, the leader of China, will meet later this month in San Francisco as they attempt to keep trade relations intact following a string of events which have left each nation with minimal confidence in the other.

(Image from Unsplash)

Only 9 months ago, the people of the United States were wondering why there was an odd looking balloon flying overhead, which was later revealed to be a Chinese spy balloon used for the sole purpose of surveilling the US.

Despite this, Biden will welcome the Chinese President to the United States as they attempt to maintain some sort of relationship. Being the two largest economies in the world, trade between the two is extremely important, with Jingping stating that there was, “a thousand reasons to make U.S.-China relations better, and no reason to make them worse.”

The meeting is slated for the 29th of this month, and as we approach that date, we’ll keep you updated here on news central.


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