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5 Hulu Shows to Fill The Void

In the age of quarantine, our couches are feeling more like home than ever. And with most of us taking full advantage of the streaming services we maybe took for granted before, I and I’m sure others have been overwhelmed with the amount of content available to us. Before I went on Hulu with a mission, usually with a recommendation or a mission of what I wanted to watch. But now I feel like I've explored much more than before. And since I know we’re all in the relatively same place, I thought I’d use my research for good and share with the people, some of the best things I’ve found on Hulu to keep your quarantine brain entertained.

Hulu Original: Letterkenny

The Canadians have blessed us with possibly the best thing since Justin Bieber. Letterkenny is a hick sitcom, to say the least. If you’re into crude humor this is for you, with similar humor to the likes of your fun uncle who your mom doesn’t like that much. Experience the hilarious interactions between the residents of the small Canadian town, as they truly define “hick” and “drug dealer natives” through this amusing show. Each episode is less than 30 minutes as well, making it super easy to binge. 

Music Lovers: Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Ok not going to lie, I definitely got this one from my boyfriend, but just as I steal his music taste I also steal his watching recommendations. He’s a hardcore Wu-Tang fan, and to have him approve of this series means it's pretty fire. There are 10 episodes in this series and it goes in let me tell you, giving you’re a good depiction of what the young men it focuses on went through to get the infamy they deserved. If you’re into music in general, take a peek at this series about a classic group that shaped hip-hop. 

Old Faithful: Spiderman (2002)

Alight listen up, I don't care what anyone says, Toby McGuire will ALWAYS be MY Spiderman. No one does it like him, the only one, in my opinion, to completely emulate the awkwardness the original comics specifies. If you watch it from a serious perspective, you probably won’t like it as much. Do not come at it expecting a serious superhero movie. Instead, take on the trilogy of gold as a comedy, and you can thank me when our boy Toby shoots you the finger guns later and you melt like the rest of us. 

For the Gen Z/Xer’s: Dave

If you know who Lil Dicky is, you’re already off to a good start with this one. A comedy show that came out this year from the rapper offers a comedic take on the man “Dave” himself. I say it’s for our younger demographic because that’s typically who Lil Dicky appeals to, but don’t get it twisted, you can enjoy it at any age with the right sense of humor. There are 10 episodes so quite frankly, there are no excuses not to binge this with your friends and some good snacks.

Throwback Cartoon: Ben 10

Toss your Rolex (or more likely urban outfitters watch) out the window kids and strap on your target Omnitrix's for a trip down memory lane! As a kid, this was one of my favorite shows and now as an almost 20-year-old I can attest that it still slaps just as hard. Rekindle your love for Gwen and your desire to be able to turn into Spider monkey with this 2005 classic. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and saying that you still watch it might catch you an e-boy if you throw it in your Tinder bio. 

Hopefully, these recommendations get you through at least a couple hours of the inevitable boredom we all face and allow you to be exposed to more cultures through questionable broadcast entertainment. We’re all bored and streaming together, so get your friends in on these series as well for a more social, immersive experience that maybe, just maybe fill the social interaction void in your heart. Remember to use someone else’s login to save money and happy streaming!

Lauren Miller is a sophomore at Central Washington University. She enjoys astrology, Mac Miller, and being a part of 88.1 The Burg and in the future wants to renovate van and travel the country/world.

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