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40 Workers Trapped in India

-By Callie Wyckoff-


40 workers are trapped in a collapsed road tunnel for the 6th day, and rescuers are drilling into the rubble so the workers can hopefully crawl their way to freedom.

(Image from Unsplash)

Currently, they have drilled in about 80 feet, but they may need to drill up to 195 feet to help the workers escape. S

Some of the workers are reported to have started getting fevers and body aches, but food and medicine are being sent to them every two hours through a pipe.

The workers are currently trapped with about 2.5 miles of space to move around, and they still have contact with the outside world.

About 200 rescuers have been working on getting these workers out safely and are hoping to have the workers start crawling out by Friday night.

News Central will keep you up to date with any new developments on this story.


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