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Ways to Seek Discomfort

Seeking discomfort is an important factor in self growth. Life experiences that take you out of your comfort zone are often the ones that make you feel the most alive. It can be easy to let life slip through your fingers instead of facing your fears. I have compiled a list of ways you can seek discomfort and face life head on.

1. Go Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping is a good way to get outside your comfort zone and make the most of a sunny day. If you're someone like me who avoids heights at all costs, this activity can seem daunting. However, cliff diving will make you feel the thrill of life and will continue to push you to do things outside your comfort zone.

2. Run a Marathon

This activity can be very challenging, but once you cross the finish line it will feel great. It takes a lot of hard work to train for a marathon, but it will push you as a person to grow and become more determined in your future goals. Competing in a marathon is also a great way to bring awareness to certain causes and raise money for charities. The first marathon I completed and got out of my comfort zone for was a 5k that raised money for animal shelters. Whether it is a small race or a very large one, anything that pushes you outside your comfort zone is an experience you won't forget!

3. Participate in an Open Mic Night

Getting in front of a crowd of people can always be a scary experience. I

have done many activities that have involved being in front of a group of people and the nervousness I felt beforehand always turned into the feeling of achievement afterwards. The most rewarding experiences are often the most nerve wracking. Whether it is singing, reading poetry or giving a monologue, open mic night is an opportunity you should take advantage of to boost your confidence and make you a braver person.

4. Explore Somewhere Alone and Disconnected

Nowadays people take their phones with them everywhere. It is common to feel lost and disconnected from the world when you do not have your phone. For this very reason, I challenge you to spend a day without your phone and instead use only maps and strangers for directions. This is bound to make you uncomfortable in a good way and give you some interesting encounters . This experience will allow you to meet new people and become a more sociable person.

5. Skydiving

Lastly, the most extreme way to seek discomfort is to jump out of a plane. I have heard that skydiving is one of the most freeing experiences a person can do. If you're like me, the last thing you would ever want to do is jump out of a plane, But I suggest you do it. Not many people can say they have gone skydiving and those that have are among the bravest.

It is an incredible experience being able to take the thing you fear most in your life and overcome it. I challenge myself everyday to do at least one thing that takes me outside of my comfort zone. It can be as simple as raising your hand in class or performing in front of a crowd. Whatever pushes your physical or social limits, I challenge you to do it! Constantly seeking discomfort will give you life experiences to hold onto forever and is one of the most rewarding choices you can make.

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