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How to Survive College!

Senioritis, Monday (through Friday) blues, no motivation, stress, whatever it is, college will be difficult at one point or another... or maybe even the entire duration. Here are a few tips to survive your last few years of education.

1. SLEEP. (On a regular schedule)

I cannot stress this enough. Getting through the day is so much easier when you have the proper amount of rest. Naps are a great way to give you a little boost if you need it but don't take them too late or you'll stay up all night.

2. FOOD. (In proper proportions) Figure out your body type and how your metabolism works. Make a meal plan. Follow it. Your body will be so much happier and so will your mind. Don't forget that cheat meals are okay! We aren't going to be this age forever; so indulge a little here and there.

3. FIND A HOBBY. I get it. Work, homework, meetings, the endless time it can take to shave, it's exhausting. We are all going to want a break at some point. Finding a hobby can allow you to have a creative and relaxing outlet for all of your stress. Who knows? Maybe you'll continue your hobby after you graduate and become famous for it later!

4. EXERCISE. Exercise is essential for all ages to improve your mental and physical health (hopefully you learned that in 6th grade). Now, if you aren't a person who likes to work out in the "meat locker," you don't have to. Go on a walk around campus, curl your grocery bags, whatever you choose, 30 minutes a day will have you feeling refreshed and ready to go.

5. HAVE FUN. Find a group of friends to hang out with, go to events on campus, take a weekend getaway or all of the above. Just make sure your last year is memorable (in a good way). Your life would not be the same without the inside jokes about your co-workers, the time you tried a new restaurant and fell in love (so now you eat it three to four times a week), or the time you won something from a sports game. Whatever your special moments will be, these are the times you will look back on with a smile, so don't forget about them.

Hopefully, these tips were useful or simply a friendly reminder on how to survive college. Good luck to all of you who need it and finished reading this blog to get this message!

Keep exploring!

- Savannah Scriven

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