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Top Five Hip Hop Artists for 2019: Part 2

What's up, everybody it's your boy KO-D! Here is part two of the top five Hip Hop artists for 2019. If you haven't seen part one, check it out on!

4. Sheck Wes Sheck Wes is an American rapper based out of New York and is well known for his song, ‘Mo Bamba.’ The song was released in 2017 but went viral in 2018 as one of the biggest hype songs of the year. A lot of you guys might believe what the critics say and claim Sheck Wes to be a one-hit wonder.

At first, I believed he was too so I wouldn’t blame you. BUT, the way music evolves is known to reflect the upcoming generation, such as the Club song music style. These are songs that don’t necessarily have meaning to them but end up being bangers that are super hype, such as Mo Bamba. If there’s one thing Sheck Wes can do, he can bring some hype to the club style genre. Club style bangers fall right into the line of what people in this generation like to listen to, and for that reason, I believe Sheck Wes will still be relevant in 2019.

5. Blue Face Coming up in the fifth and final artist on my list is Blue Face. For the record, I’m not a Blue Face fan whatsoever. I think his lyrics are overhyped and his music is overrated. However, all of us who are not fans of Blue Face cannot deny the fact that he blew up towards the end of 2018. Unfortunately for real music lovers, he probably won’t die down in 2019.

Now if you were sleeping under a rock for the past few months and had no idea who Blue Face is, he is an American rapper based out of Los Angeles, California. He started gaining recognition in October of 2018 after releasing his song ‘Respect My Crypyn.’ A month later he signed with Cash Money Records and released another single called “Bleed it.” He became a viral internet meme for his offbeat rapping and unfortunately for 2019, Blue Face’s career has not reached its peak yet. Although his music isn’t the greatest, he is everyone’s new favorite internet meme and will continue to rise in 2019.

2019 has a lot of potential. With artists who blew up in 2018 and new artists still waiting to break through as the year continues, I’m excited to see where Hip Hop and R&B will go.

There are so many more amazing artists that I believe will have a great 2019. After narrowing down five artists that WILL blow up, I’ll stay by my word and be here weekdays from 11pm-12am on 88.1 The Burg to witness it all, tune in.

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