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Top Five Hip Hop Artists for 2019: Part 1

Yo yo yo, what’s up guys it’s your boy KO-D, and I’m here to tell you who’s about to come up on the hip-hop scene in 2019.

2018 was a fantastic year for hip hop and R&B. We had many breakout stars, such as Lil Baby, Juice Wrld, Gunna, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Post Malone and much more. Sicko Mode and Lucid Dreams are just a few number one singles that left the world speechless. With new up and coming artists, this year should blow the last out of the water.

As we kick off 2019, here are my predictions for artists that will have an amazing year.

1. Lil Mosey This Seattle based rapper himself broke out in 2018 after releasing his hit solo, ‘Noticed’ on July 20th, 2018. The song is notably one of Mosey’s best projects, but Mosey wasn’t finished after just one song. A month after ‘Noticed’ was dropped, Mosey mentioned he was working on an album. He released that project in October of 2018, called ‘Northsbest.’ In this album, Mosey talks about his come up, and people are hooked. The album landed as high as 29 on the U.S. billboard's top 200. However, outside of the west coast, Mosey is a much-underrated artist. After all, he is only 16! I would expect everyone around the world to be talking about Lil Mosey this year.

2. JID JID is an American rapper and songwriter based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Although he’s been making music since 2013, he didn’t get much recognition at all until 2018 when he dropped his hit single ‘151 Rum.' JID currently has 2.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which is awfully low for an artist as talented as he is. I challenge you to take the time and sit down to listen to him;then I bet you’d support JID as much as I do. In 2018 JID also released his project ‘DiCaprio 2’ including hit singles like ‘151 Rum’ and ‘Off Deez.’ For a guy with such a unique flow, creative outlook and not to mention mentored by J.Cole, JID is due for his breakout this year.

3. Lil Skies Lil Skies is an American rapper based out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Lil Skies had a phenomenal 2018. He released hit singles ‘Nowadays’ and ‘Red Roses’ that both landed in the Billboards Hot 100 at 55 and 69. He also had the singles ‘No Rest,’ ‘Lust,’ and ‘World Rage.’ On January 10th, 2018 he dropped his debut mixtape, ‘Life of a Dark Rose,’ that reached as high as ten on the Billboards 200 and was certified gold on November 9th, 2018. Although Lil Skies made a name for himself this past year, at the end of the day, most times his name won’t even cross people’s minds. For that reason, I believe Lil Skies is still underrated and will have everyone talking in 2019.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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