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Album Of The Month: 'I Remembered But Then I Forgot’ by Wolfie’s Just Fine

Last year, I listened adamantly to albums by ‘The Lumineers.’ Their acoustic-folk style was pleasing, and the lyrics were strong and well written. Over the waning of time, I had finished listening to ‘Ophelia’ for the hundredth time and was needing a new folk fix. Partially through fall quarter this year, I was telling a friend about my craving for more Lumineer-esque music, and they said, “Say no more! Listen to this!” And listen I did.

From general optimism to homelessness to childhood trauma generated by watching a horror movie at too young of an age, the album, I Remembered But Then I Forgot, by Wolfie’s Just Fine has a wide range of intriguing tracks. It is full of compelling lyrics combined with that sweet alternative/folk sound I was chasing after.

The songs are original, well sung, and keep me wanting more.

My absolute favorite song is “Pigeon Lady,” which captures the cold and lonely lifestyle a homeless person may endure. The melody of the song captivates me, even after the 18th time hearing it (in a single day for me, but to each their own). "Pigeon Lady" makes the world of the homeless sound cold and bleak.

When running to math class last quarter, I was actively listening to “A New Beginning,” trying to figure out the true meaning of the song. It was appropriately around October when I found that the lead singer, Jon Lajoie, was telling a tale about playing at a friend's house while his big brother watched “Friday the 13th” in front of them.

This song depicts Lajoie as a scared individual while he tries to make sense of the explicit and graphic scenes he sees in the movie. He then explores his newfound fear for serial killers in famous hockey masks. I stopped in my tracks and accidentally bumped into someone when I heard the archaic chant in the background of the song, “Here comes Jason, here comes Jason.”

To readers of this article I highly recommend sampling, I Remembered But Then I Forgot, by the band Wolfie’s Just Fine. The songs “Pigeon Lady,” “A New Beginning,” “Everything is Happening Right Now,” and “Running From My Savior” are a few of my personal favorites. Give this album a listen next time you’re in bed, and you can't fall asleep.

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