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'Burg Training


88.1 The 'Burg, Central Washington University's award-winning radio station, encourages students from all majors and backgrounds to get involved. Whether you are interested in hosting your own radio show or if you're part of a campus club/organization and want to host a group show, you are welcome to join. Bring some ideas or music preferences, and we'll provide all of the training you need to get started. No prior experience necessary. If you have questions, please email our student training team at Looking forward to seeing you around the station!

Step One: Show Development Session

You will meet with a student 'Burg staff member to talk about ideas for your show. If you don't have any ideas, we can help you!


Step Two: Tech Training

You will learn how to use all the tech needed to run your show including the studio console, automation system, and microphones.

After this training session: email to setup a Wide Orbit account (use your CWU email account)


Step Three: Practice Show Preparation

Get ready to host your first practice show by researching and writing content at home. Bring these notes and show outline to your Practice show.

Highly Encouraged: Talk to your trainer to schedule a sit-in during an active show. This allows you to meet other station members and see how they run their show


Step Four: Practice Shows

Most DJs host at least two practice shows on Training:

First show has help from trainer.

Second show is solo, but trainer will be available.

After the final practice show, email with the date & time of your show for an air check review.


Step Five: Air Check & Next Steps

The Program Director ( will review the content and provide notes. One of two possible outcomes:

1. An additional practice show is needed. This is normal. Use the feedback provided by the PD to improve your content and delivery.

2. Show passes the air check. PD will schedule a meeting to finalize the details about your show


Quick Recap:

Additional Resources:

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