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Working at a radio station is a privilege, we get to listen to music, review music and play music everyday, all day. Finding music before the masses is awesome but we don’t mind sharing. Continue reading for the lowdown on the most recent albums we’re loving.

The Week’s website claims:

“Our shows are tattered and torn, but our feet are dry. As for our places in history, we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.”

The Weeks is a band that is quite content the way they are and don’t really care what anyone else thinks. Defined as 21st century southern rock, their latest album, Dear Bo Jackson dropped on April 30th. The Jackson, Mississippi based group manages to fuse grunge, indie, southern rock and folk into a splendid fifth album.

The Weeks

The Weeks

Receiving rave reviews, Dear Bo Jackson kicks off with a tune titled the same. Catchy, quick and not without a hint of southern comfort, the song is a great way to kick off the record. While the first track is awesome, the second may be the best on the album. “Brother in the Night” is the perfect sound for riding down a windy road with the sun roof down. We also recommend checking out “Ain’t My Stop” and “Bad Enough,” that is if you don’t have time to listen out the whole album.

Other than French Fries, toast and kisses, Phoenix may be the best thing to ever come out of France. The band caught the attention of the masses with their hit song “1901” off the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Their first album in four years, Bankrupt! Dropped April 23rd,  and isn’t going to let you forget Phoenix is an indie force to be reckoned with.



The new album is a little more experimental than past works but Phoenix’s genius blend of pop and alternative doesn’t go away. With a 4.5 average on iTunes user reviews and solid analyses from the critics, Spin Magazine said: “The resulting album blurs the lines between simple and sophisticated more effectively than Phoenix ever have before.”

We recommend checking out “Entertainment,” “Trying to Be Cool” and “Don’t” off the Bankrupt! album.

Deerhunter’s fifth album will be released to the public on May 7th, but we can just tell you right now…it’s pretty great.





Monomania is raw, noisy, and awesome. Some of the tracks (like “Leather Jacket II”) use grinding background noises to accompany front man Bradford’ Cox’s ringing vocals, while others are softer such as “The Missing.” This album is well balanced and will fit in with any psychedelic experience you are having.

It’s looking like summer will be pretty awesome this year. Your sunny weather playlist will be easy to complete as many of our favorite bands are performing in their newest albums.


Get Your Satisfaction

It takes a level of cool to listen to THEESatisfaction. While their music clearly has hip hop tendencies it could better be described as funky- feministic–psychedelic-afro soul. With hints of jazz themes and traditional African rhythms one can’t help but close their eyes and get lost when listening.


The duo is made of singer Catherine “Cat” Harris-White and rapper Stasia “Stas” Iron. The two write, produce and perform their own original material. Known for their fascination with numbers, wordplay and outfits that are perhaps funkier than their music the two see themselves as windows to what it’s like to be an African-American woman today.

“We like to just play with different concepts of who we are as humans and then who we are as black people and how it varies,” says Cat, “Who we are as black women and how different it is to what is pumped into the world every day, it just varies so much. Everyone is different and, I can’t speak from everyone’s standpoint, but for myself as a black woman, I think it’s important to show how many varieties there are. From our shapes, to our heights, to our facial expressions, our complexions and everything like that. It’s very important to just explore that.”

THEESatisfcation call Seattle home and the two met at the University of Washington in 2008. Stasia saw Cat perform at open mic nights and eventually got the courage to speak to her. The two have been unstoppable ever since.

THEESatisfaction will be performing a 21+ show in Seattle at Neumos on March 22nd. Kingdom Crumbs, who is on the Sasquatch 2013 lineup, will be performing with them.

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