I am from Nairobi, Kenya. A natty dreadlock who is troddin’ through life and is now in the U.S since 2008. My passion for poetry and music has taken me to places I never thought of, one of them is being a Reggae DJ here at 881 The ‘Burg.

Whenever I have free time I MOSTLY enjoying hanging out with my sister, she brings out the best of me. I also enjoy reading music blogs, watching Animal Planet, studying music, reading a lot of literature, playing GTA 5 and FIFA.

*This is my attempt at trying to speak patwa (Jamaican broken English)*

I Man seen much difference when mi come pon ‘Merica. Culture shock mek I & I reason that dem people here ah love Reggae music but dem no have no Reggae show!!! Dem ting deh mek I vexed! When mi afi get a chance fi do dis Reggae show, I Man nuh waste no time, nah mean. Dis how mi afi be a Reggae dj and mek we dweet.


I saw a lot of difference when I came to America compared to Africa. The culture schock made me realize that people here love Reggae music but they don’t have any outlets to Reggae shows on the radio. This got me upset and when I got a chance to this Reggae show, I didn’t waste any time. That’s how I became a Reggae Dj.

Show Name: Reggae Lovers
Show Time: Sunday 12-2pm