Shows of Note – Chill-out Trip-Hop


Bonobo has been electrifying the ears of his listeners since 2000, when he released his first album, Animal Magic – and his music is indeed magical.  Since then, he has continued to fuse electronic music with hints of jazz and unique rhythms.  Bonobo is a true wizard of sound.

Over the past few years, Bonobo has been touring around the globe with his live band, hooking audiences with his catchy rhythms and creative melodies.  2012 was a year in which Bonobo also found success as a DJ. The artist traveled to New York to write material for his next album, a true piece of electronic music excellence.



The North Borders, Bonobo’s latest work, plays like a soundtrack to a fantastic dream.  After pressing play, listeners will be transported into the sonic bliss of Bonobo’s creativity.  The album’s resonance will be felt long after the final track has ended.  The aura of tracks like “First Fires”, “Cirrus”, and “Ten Tigers” are habit-forming works of art.

The balanced complexity of Bonobo’s music stems from his skill of piecing together separate ideas.  As he told in April of this year:

It’s interesting how you get these sounds, which are three-times removed from each other, but when you listen to the track you think, ‘WOW, this sounds great!’”

You can keep up with Bonobo’s latest news, tour dates, and more on his website,  He will be making stops at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market on October 24 and Portland’s Roseland Theater on October 25.  Listen to 88.1 The ‘Burg tonight (10/18) between 6 and 8 p.m. for a chance to win tickets to the Seattle show!


Shows of Note – Hoodie Mob of America


If Hoodie Allen proves one thing, it’s that you can be successful in the rap game as a clean cut, Caucasian with a quick tongue. Based out of New York, Hoodie has impressed critics with his witty lyrics and hustle. It doesn’t hurt that Hoodie could teach a class on how to properly sample songs. The wordsmith has made a name for himself sampling music from unconventional sources. Allen is one of the ideals in alternative hip-hop and chances are, we’ll remember the name.

A self-described college educated music nerd, Hoodie released his first EP, All American in 2012 and released his most recent mix tape Crew Cuts in February of this year. Word is the rapper is hoping to release his first full length album this fall.

Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen

Comparable to Macklemore, Hoodie has cited the Seattle based rapper as an inspiration in his own career. In an interview with Fuse, Hoodie said this:

Really he’s one of the reasons why I like, continue to champion my indie effort–he’s broken through that ceiling of, like, there’s a limit to it-there’s no limit”

Hoodie also noted that he and Macklmore have “always planned to do a song together,” and hinted that his next album or EP would include Macklemore, exciting news for those who have a love for the alternative-rap scene.

Already a Hoodie fan? Become a Hoodie mob member and receive exclusive benefits such as meet and greets with Hoodie himself by signing up on his website.

As part of his “Party With Your Friends Tour,” Hoodie Allen will be performing in the northwest on October 31 at Showbox SoDo in Seattle and November 1 at Wow Hall in Eugene, Oregon.

The ‘Burg is giving away tickets tonight (10/17) between 8 and 10 p.m. and Friday (10/18) between 1 and 3 p.m so tune-in and win!


Shows of Note – Walk Me to the Moon


It’s hard to find indie pop/rock more delicious than Walk the Moon. Out of Cincinatti, Ohio, the group formed in 2008. They exploded into the indie scene with their hit single “Anna Sun” and their debut self-titled album peaked at number eight on the Billboard Alternative Albums chart.

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon

Riding their early success, Walk the Moon released their EP titled Tightrope in January of this year.  A review on said this about the Tightrope EP:

“It’s different from the album—it’s not as polished—but it’s worth the same amount of attention.”

And attention is what the band is getting.  Walk the Moon has already been featured as Nylon Magazine’s Band Crush, as a Hot New Band by SPIN Magazine, as a New York Post band “You Must Know,” and in the Spotlight of “Last Call with Carson Daly.” In the midst of their fall tour, the band appears to keep fan satisfaction as their focus. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Eli Maiman, the band’s guitarist said this of the fall tour:

“We love meeting our fans and seeing their smiling faces sing along. We’re also really looking forward to debuting some of the new material at the shows. We’re doing our biggest, most colorful shows to date.”

Walk the Moon will be performing in the northwest on October 21st at the Roseland Theatre in Portland, October 23rd at Showbox SoDo in Seattle, and October 24th at the Knitting Factory in Boise.


Shows of Note – Not Dead Yet

Zeds Dead

Electronic Dance Music is no longer a genre that is passed off as something a small group of weird kids like. The genre has seeped into almost every form of music from rock to country. EDM DJ’s are now mainstream and the average college student can probably name at least one EDM DJ whether David Guetta, Calvin Harris or some other artist that has “featured” popular pop singers or rappers in their music.

The Hot Sauce EP

The Hot Sauce EP

Zeds Dead is one of many EDM artists slowly creeping its way into mainstream status. Now a regular on the USC playbill, the duo formed in 2009 and are from Toronto, Canada. The group is made of DC and Hooks and specializes in grimey dubstep and house music. In their own words, Zeds Dead “balances on the line that separates chill listening music and dance floor.”

January of this year the duo released an EP titled Hot Sauce, named after a scene in “Pulp Fiction.” The EP showcases Zeds Dead range, merging drum & bass, tribal and glitch. The opening track on the five song EP features spooky noises, starts off slow and builds into the next song preparing the listener for the sirens, cymbals and hip-hop vocals on the rest of the EP.

After asked about their influences in an interview with the duo said this:

There’s no formula really. I [we] usually just mess around until I stumble upon something I like. Sometimes an idea just pops into my head and I rush to jot it down very simply and then elaborate on it later. I listen to a lot of music so it naturally influences my music in one way or another.

Zeds Dead is performing with openers Paper Diamond, DJ Green Lantern and Branchez at Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Saturday, October 19. Tune-in tonight (10/11) between 8 and 10 and 10 and midnight for a chance to win tickets! 


Shows of Note – Hip Wub Pop


Still a very young group in the music industry, Timeflies formed in 2010 and is a smorgasbord of different genres including electronic, pop and hip-hop. The duo is made of Producer Rob “Rez” Resnick (formerly known as DJ Rob Resnick) and vocalist Cal. The duo is performing live with hip-hop team Chiddy Bang at Showbox SoDo in Seattle on Friday, October 18 as part of their “The Warning Signs Tour” and The ‘Burg is fortunate to have tickets.

Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang

Timeflies’ released several singles until 2011, when its debut album Scotch Tape was released. A mixtape titled Under the Influence followed in 2012. In November of the same year, Timeflies’ released an EP titled One Night which debuted #1 on the iTunes overall charts. Timeflies’ next album titled Warning Signs will be available Monday, October 14.



The duo’s varied backgrounds contribute to their ability to create catchy pop tunes blending genres. Rez (the producer) has studied jazz piano, guitar, and has played in multiple bands with genres ranging from ska to metal to funk. Cal majored in music and sang in a hip-hop/funk band before forming Timeflies.

The ‘Burg will be giving away tickets today (10/10) between 6 and 8 p.m. as well as tomorrow (10/11) between 6 and 8 p.m. Tune-in and win!


Shows of Note – The Hottest Blokes We Know

Thunder photo

If there are three traits most women (and some dudes) can agree is sexy on a man, its an accent, a fit body and the ability to dance. The Thunder from Down Under crew provides all three of these traits. It just so happens that this Australian male revue group will be in Wenatchee on October 3rd at the Town Toyota Center, and 88.1 The ‘Burg will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets to some very lucky winners.

The Thunder From Down Under in action

The Thunder From Down Under in Action

The Thunder from Down Under is world renowned and has been around since its debut in 1991. For a lack of a better term, the male strippers have a nightly show in Las Vegas as well as a tour worldwide. Appropriate for audiences 18 and up, the men  perform a fully choreographed show similar to that shown in the movie Magic Mike.

This will mark the second time the Thunder form Down Under will perform at the Town Toyota Center to the delight of ladies throughout the central valley area. The group has been recognized by E! News, the Tyra Banks Show, The Las Vegas Review and other news outlets as one of the top shows in ladies’ entertainment.

Be sure to swing by the 88.1 The ‘Burg table at Bite of the ‘Burg on September 24th or the home football game this Saturday, September 21st for a chance to win tickets to Ladies Night Outback!


Local Happenings – Rodeo Tunes


Most students know the Ellensburg Rodeo exists but a lot of us don’t know much more than that. The Ellensbrug rodeo is more than just a “rodeo.” Aside from being named one of the top 10 rodeos in America, rodeo weekend includes a fair, parade, hoe down and more. The history of the rodeo dates back to the year 1923 and is now the final stop of the Wrangler Million Dollar Gold Tour and hosts the World Finale of PRCA’s Extreme Bulls Tour. Today the rodeo features over 600 contestants and prize money exceeding $400,000. More about the “down and dirty” of the Ellensburg Rodeo is featured on an episode of Central Scoop currently on-air.  Ellensburg Rodeo

The Kittitas County Fair opened today and features the usual rides, animals and fattening foods. The fair closes at 10 p.m. everyday with the exception of Sunday, when it closes at 6 p.m.

Music will play a large role in the rode weekend festivities. The music will start tonight at 8 p.m. with the Hoedown in the Downtown at the Rotary Pavilion. This event will feature opening act Better Day and feature act The Dusty 45s. Hosted by the Ellensburg Downtown Association, this is an all ages event with pizza provided by Pizza Rita and a beer and wine garden available for those of age. The concert is free and all are welcome.

The Dusty 45s

The Dusty 45s

The Dusty 45s is a group that is well known in the Ellensburg area, but also has a statewide presence. The group has performed at venues such as the Showbox, Triple Door and current tour dates include shows in Massachusetts, and the band has opened for grammy award winning artist Adele. Their music image can be described as a mix of honky tonk, jump blues and rock and roll. Blending electric guitars, upright bass, drums, and trumpet makes for a sound not often found in today’s popular music scene.

The Dusty 45s won’t be the only music featured this rodeo weekend. Visit for a full rodeo schedule of all the exciting events going on this weekend.


Fresh Tunes – The Epilogues


The Epilogues

Thank the heavens for unexpected surprises. The latest in what seems to be a monthly occurrence is the Denver band The Epilogues. On their sophomore full-length Cinematics the band makes a case that they may be the band to watch in 2013. If the enveloping and inviting album opener “The Shadow King,” does not hook you, then perhaps the methodical and sweeping “Call Me a Mistake,” will. From start to finish, Cinematics is accentuated by bursting guitars, thunderous drums and a rousing concoction of drama, swagger and tenacity.

Vocalist Chris Heckman croons with both effortlessness and a steadiness that seems to point towards larger tours in stadiums and amphitheaters. Heckman is flanked by a can’t miss rhythm section of Jason Hoke (drums) and Jeff Swoboda (bass), who along with Nate Hammond (keys) craft saturnine and sweeping masterpieces. On the disc’s first half there’s the buzzy and Brit-inspired “My Misinformed John Hughes Teenage Youth,” the busting and taut “Hunting Season,” and the explosive fireball that is “Paradigm Shift.” Nestled in between is an elegiac minute-long ballad in which Heckman showcases his world-class vocals and offers up further proof that the band is indeed the farthest thing from a pretender.

Cinematics’ second half comes out swinging with the stormy siren “Closer,” the propulsive “Animals,” and the gripping “The Fallout.” Around the two-minute mark in “The Fallout,” there’s a palpable sense that this disc was not just written for themselves, but rather with a wider audience in mind. The celestial title track is a near-three minute instrumental that serves as a fitting conclusion for “The Fallout,” and an even better segue for the near seven-minute ballad “The Keene Act.”

And it is here in this leave-it-all-on-the-table juggernaut that The Epilogues make arguably their strongest statement to date. Though there have been many moments thus far that have left one wanting more, nowhere is that more felt than on the layered beauty of “The Keene Act.” The album finishes with the stark piano instrumental “The Wondrous World of Will Dupree,” which segues into the expertly crafted “Saboteur.” Much like “The Fallout,” “Closer,” “Hunting Season,” and “The Shadow King,” it is the sound of a band setting themselves apart and proving their worth in just forty six engrossing minutes.

From front to back, Cinematics as a whole has a visceral and guttural pull towards gravity that rivals their contemporaries. And it is that very trait that sets this Colorado band apart.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this.


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Call Me a Mistake

Hunting Season


Fresh Tunes – Pity Sex


Pity Sex

Shoegazer pop is a rare genre that is so very indebted to a specific set of sounds and approaches. If you want to toss that descriptor on to your band, you’d better have invested all your bar mitzvah money in guitar pedals and some psilocybin mushrooms to help haze up your songwriting mind. How high into the stratosphere you get depends on where you go from there. In the case of Pity Sex, the band don’t shy away from recognizing the raft of American bands that picked up Fender Jazzmasters after hearing My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. This Ann Arbor, Michigan, quartet’s full-length feels like the product of some young people started with Hum and Starflyer 59 and ended up working their way backwards to MBV and Ride.

The punk-born aggression that laid under the surface of the U.S.-born shoegazer circuit is audible on Feast Of Love as well through the forward marching drums of “Keep” and the trembling rhythms of the disc’s speediest cut, “Honey Pot.” As well, vocalist/guitarist Brennan Greaves provides some interesting color to these songs trying to mesh his more rock-driven voice with a somnolent croon. The band’s other guitarist/vocalist Britty Drake, on the other hand, is pure ’90s 4AD Records fantastic. Her singing skirts the edge of a growl but never loses its gilt-edged beauty. She leaves the real siren-like moments for the guitar-and-vocals-only showstopper “Hollow Body,” a song perfectly placed at this album’s midpoint.

Pity Sex are wise enough to know that they’re never going to hit the heights that their influences reached. The quartet are always going to be held back by the weight of comparisons. They should be applauded for the simple fact that they went ahead with this project anyway. Creating some spectacular pop along the way only sweetens their efforts more.

Source: Alternative Press

pity sex-feast of love

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Drown Me Out

Wind Up



Fresh Tunes – Jimmy Eat World


Jimmy Eat World

For a band with such remarkable consistency throughout their career, Jimmy Eat World’s 2010 full-length Invented ended up an outlier, a long, meandering collection of retread ballads and weird, out-of-character rock songs that in places, seemed to want to recreate the heights reached on 1999 fan favorite Clarity (the band had performed a successful run of Clarity album shows the year prior to celebrate its tenth anniversary, and it’s fair to assume those songs were fresh in the band member’s minds). Problem was, JEW weren’t that band anymore: In the time since Clarity, they’ve experienced more success-commercially and critically-than they ever did before or even during its release. With all the hoopla and justified love for that record, it’s easy to forget that no one really knew who the band were when it came out 14 years ago.

This is a long-winded way of saying that Damage, Jimmy Eat World’s new album, is essentially a polar opposite of Invented-and that’s a great thing. Where Invented tended to run long without a strong enough concept to support said length, Damage is easily the most direct and concise record of the band’s career. JEW have always used the “less is more” approach with success, they’ve just never recorded an entire album like that. Fortunately, it works.

Leading up to the album’s release, frontman Jim Adkins remarked that Damage was an “adult breakup record.” While this isn’t a concept album in the same rigid way as say, David Comes To Life, there’s a certain solemnity-not unlike what one might feel after a long relationship ends-that perpetually permeates throughout Damage‘s ten songs, both lyrically and sonically; the production is noticeably and intentionally airy and rough around the edges, giving off a less canned, more personable and live-sounding listening experience.

Even with its loose concept and loose production, Damage still has all the characteristics that make Jimmy Eat World’s music so arresting: Opener “Appreciation,” first single “I Will Steal You Back” and the excellent “How’d You Have Me” are massively anthemic rockers with copious hooks and melodies. Heavily strummed acoustic guitars anchor ballads like the title track, “Lean” and the pleasantly atmospheric “Please Say No,” the latter also incorporating a few electronic elements into a subtly escalating chorus that almost drowns out the reserved vocals of Adkins. Really, Adkins is pretty reserved throughout Damage, while the music tends to louden and hover over him.

While Damage is relatively mid-tempo throughout, its final two tracks switch that up a bit. “Bye Bye Love” is an overt exercise in the loud/quiet dynamic, with slow, sonically minimal verses that burst into huge, crunchy choruses. Closer “You Were Good” almost sounds like a demo (or an extended Guided By Voices tune from their lo-fi era), with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, some strings and the straightforward vocals of Adkins. It’s an appropriate closer, a sort of hushed goodbye that drives the album’s theme home.

It’s hard to call Damage a comeback for Jimmy Eat World, but it’s certainly a nice rebound nonetheless. Fans who dismissed the band as being on autopilot after Invented was released should give Damage a try; they’ll find a band that’s focused, relatable and on top of their game.



Keep it locked on 88.1 The ‘Burg to hear brand new music from the latest Jimmy Eat World album, Damage.

Click the titles below to hear our favorite tracks.

I Will Steal You Back


How’d You Have Me