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Simple Man Died with a Secret

-By Lilyan Beck-


A New Hampshire man, known for his simplistic life, left his town a surprise after his passing.

Geoffrey Holt would often be seen riding his lawnmower around town wearing rather beaten up clothing.

(Image from Unsplash)

Inside of his house there was no furniture, T.V., or computer. His best friend said, "He seemed to have what he wanted, but he didn’t want much."

Earlier this year, Holt passed away and when this happened, everyone found out that he was actually a multimillionaire.

In his will he states that he wanted $3.8 million to go to the town of Hinsdale to help fund education, health, recreation, and culture.

Steve Diorio, chairperson of the town, said, (quote) "I know he didn’t have a whole lot of family, but nonetheless, to leave it to the town where he lived in; It’s a tremendous gift."

At this point, it hasn't been decided how exactly the money will be used, but nonetheless, those in the town seem to be very grateful.


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