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Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Guides (Part 2)

Operator: Twitch (Attacker)

Twitch has also been a popular pick in the Siege world, she has received many updates, nerfs, and slight adjustments throughout the game’s lifetime. She is a balanced character with ratings of a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Her ability is that she has 2 “Shock Drones”, one of which is used in the “Prep Phase” which is when the attacking team uses their drones to scout out the defending team, identify their operators, and their setup, and the defending team is putting up reinforced walls (each defender gets 2) and setting up their defense. Her drone is equipped with a taser that allows her to disable traps and equipment the defending team has placed, destroy cameras in range (defenders have cameras throughout the building that are set in place by the game for their use) or do damage to opposing players (One shot of the taser does 1 damage an opponent). The drone is equipped with 3 taser shots and they recharge over time, so if you are a patient player, you can have a lot of uses of that drone. Twitch is known to have one of the best primary assault rifles in the game, with the choice of a marksman rifle or a shotgun if desired. She has the choice of 2 different pistols for her secondary and the choice of either a claymore or 3 breaching charges for her equipment. She is a useful operator that can cause a lot of annoyance to the other team.

Operator: Montagne (Attacker)

Montagne is a support character and not known for his kills and or weapons. He is a shield operator that is good for advancing down hallways or shielding his team from gunfire. His ratings are a 3 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor. He is a big boy and he means business. His ability is called an “Extendable Shield”. This is a shield that covers every inch of his body from the front and from angles within his vision. He can toggle this ability to where the shield is not extended which leaves his shoulders and lower half exposed. In or for Montagne to fire his weapon, he must have his shield not extended. The shield is his primary weapon and be used to melee windows, doors, and opposing players but only in the non-extended state. His shield is his primary weapon with the option of either a semi-automatic pistol or a semi-automatic revolver for his secondary. He has the choice of either 3 stun grenades or smoke grenades for his equipment. Montagne is an annoying operator when you are defending because you have to soot him from behind if you want to beat his shield.

Operator: Glaz (Attacker)

Glaz is a Russian sniper, he is useful the most on more open maps with the most opportunities for long range encounters. His ratings are a 2 difficulty, a 2 speed, and a 2 armor. Another balanced operator with a unique ability. Glaz has a “Flip Sight” which is a thermal sight that highlights opposing players when they come into his scope. This is a toggle ability; he can go from his Flip Sight to a normal reticle for closer encounters. The other part of Glaz’s ability is that his Flip Sight scope also has indicators on each side of his scope that light up more and more the closer an opposing player gets. Essentially, he can aim down his scope and tell if there is an opposing player in the room he is scoped into or near that area. This is a useful tool to help your teammates indicate where other players may be hiding. His primary weapon is a semi-automatic long range rifle and he has 2 choices of pistols for his secondary. Equipment wise, he has either smoke grenades or frag grenades. I would recommend using the smoke grenades because his thermal scope can see through the smoke, while the opposing team cannot.

Operator: Fuze (Attacker)

Fuze is considered an annoying operator that can cause mass chaos whenever he wants. He is a bigger operator which means he is slower and has a larger hit box. With a 1 difficulty, a 1 speed, and a 3 armor he is durable but easy to track down. His ability is called a “Cluster Charge” which is a device that he places on any soft wall, door, window, or floor that shoots 4 grenades into the room that is on the other side of the device’s placement. These grenades get shot out and bounce around the room for a second before detonating and destroying anything within that area. For example, if you get Fuze above an objective room that has a wood ceiling, he can use his device to shoot grenades into that room without any opposing player being able to see him. These grenades can hurt your teammates so make sure there are no friendlies in the room or area you are “Fuzing”. He has the option of either a LMG, an assault rifle, or a riot shied that covers the same area that Montagne’s would when it is not extended. He also has the options of 2 pistols for his secondary, and then either breaching charges or smoke grenades for the equipment slot. If used correctly, Fuze can take out a whole team without even seeing any of them.

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