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In The Booth: GKA Recommends

Not gonna lie, slim pickins this week for new EDM tracks. There's a fair amount of new stuff, but not a lot of great stuff in my opinion. Lots of chill vibey stuff, which can be good, but not what I'm here for. That said, here's the best I could find.


Big Artists

  1. Nice and Easy - Bassnectar - This song goes hard and I wasn't gonna put it on my list, but about 3 minutes in, it changes to Drum and Bass and I could dig it.

  2. Take My Mind - DubVision - This track is moderately hype but I mostly liked the sound design in it. I think the best parts are all within the first minute but the rest is worth listening to.


Small Artists

  1. Lost In The Desert - Rick Eckboch - This isn't a banger, but I'd definitely put it in the middle of a set when I need to chill the crowd a little bit.

  2. Ocean On Fire - Nymous, EMMET - This track is just fun. Summery and hype and the album cover has a cuddly cactus on it. Recommend.

  3. Bottoms Up - Kristianex - This song sounds weird but in a good way. It goes hard (not headbang-hard) and sounds good.

  4. I Can't Tell - Kevin Sihwan - This artist has almost 3,000 monthly listeners on spotify. Check out this song and if you like it, definitely keep an eye on this guy.


My Favs

  1. Universe Unexplored - Nu-Clear - Here's a pretty standard hardstyle track, but it makes me happy to see new hardstyle stuff come out.

  2. Raver Dome - 3 Are Legend, Justin Prime, Sandro Silva - I really like everything but the drop. It's pretty standard big room house, but could do well in a mix where you give it a different drop or mash it up with something. And the album art is dope.

  3. Paradise (Vintage Culture Remix) - Rompasso, Vintage Culture - A little downtempo, but it got me groovin.

  4. Somebody to Love - Dave Crusher, JackMar, LEV - This song is probably my favorite out of everything that came out this week. Doesn't make my top 10 list of all time, but this a good electro house track. Falling - mISHØ, Isaac Warburton - Solid future bass track.

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