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A Gaza Hostage's Story

By Lilyan Beck


An Israeli woman who was taken hostage in Gaza and then was released came out with her story on CNN today.

This woman is Yocheved Lifshitz who is 85-years-old. She was one of two hostages who were released yesterday after being held for a little over two weeks.

She was taken from her home in Nir Oz and was driven away on a motorbike. She says she was beaten and sustained multiple bruises.

She recounts her experience getting into Gaza by saying she was forced to walk on wet ground through an underground tunnel system where people told her and the fellow hostages that "we promise not to harm you."

(Image from Unsplash)

She says that she was grouped with four other people while staying in the tunnels. They slept on mattresses, ate the same food as Hammas fighters, and each person received their own doctor.

Lifshitz said, "They really took care of the sanitary side of things so that we didn’t get sick."

She went on my commenting on her opinions on how Israel is handling the situation. She said, "The lack of awareness by Shin Bet and the IDF hurt us a lot. They warned us three weeks beforehand, they burned fields, they sent fire balloons and the IDF did not treat it seriously."


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