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My First Rave

The year was 2017, and Paradiso was a day away. I had my crew all set; three of my great friends, two of my favorite cousins, and others that were going to meet up with us at the venue. My dad helped me braid my hair the night before, and I couldn't have been more excited to rage the next few nights away.

As we entered the gates into the campgrounds of the Gorge, I was overwhelmed with emotion. The inclusivity of rave culture is like no other. PLUR is a set of principles recognized by ravers that stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. I have never seen a group composed of thousands of people that upheld these values the way ravers do.

I usually hate long lines, but the wait for Diso was very intriguing. Seeing all of the costumes, outfits, totems and people coming together for one purpose was mesmerizing. Everyone was singing, dancing, or trading kandi and perlers. Never have I seen such a large group of people entirely in their element.

Shivers shot down my spine as we entered the venue. The props were so creative, the costume dancers were flamboyant, but the music... the music latched onto my soul. Before the VIP area was sectioned off, my friend and I spent a few hours right in front of the main stage. I was so glad I brought earplugs!

The Digital Oasis stage was a little too light and airy of a style for me, but once we arrived at the Wreckage stage, I almost broke my neck after headbanging so hard. Wreckage is hands down my favorite part

​about Paradiso.

As the weekend went on, my excitement never wore off. The sunsets were "Gorge"ous, but the night sky illuminated with stage lights, lasers, and fire was more than stunning. I received my first perler during one of Seven Lions' set and I definitely teared up.

The only thing that sucked about my first rave was walking back to camp after entire days of intensely working out. It was cold, and I was sore. Once my group got back to our tents, I bundled up, shoved in some earplugs, and passed out so hard every single night.

The mornings were always very peaceful. We all got to eat breakfast, work on making more kandi, dance to some EDM out of a little speaker and nap before we did it all over again. My first rave encompassed memories that I will remember for the rest of my life.

If you ever find yourself going to a rave and have any questions, hit me up on Instagram! @savvytae13

- Savannah Scriven

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