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Top 5: Candy Bars

Disclaimer: Reese’s Peanut Butter cups were left off of this list because they are not in a bar form. While they do have candy bars, Reese’s is most known for their peanut butter cups and therefore are disqualified. Reese’s Peanut Butter will be saved for another list on top 5 candies.

*This list is based strictly off of the taste buds in my mouth and what I enjoy.

5. Twix Bars:

I don’t care whether it’s the left or the right Twix bar, both are delicious. The combination of caramel, cookie, and chocolate has always been a staple of the candy world and Twix is one of the best at what they do. The issue with this bar is also what makes it so enjoyable at times. In my opinion, caramel is only alright. It’s not something that I can eat all the time. I have to be in the mood for it, and while Twix bars are one of the best performing candy bars for myself, there are other candy bars with caramel that are just a bit better.

4. Kit Kat:

Coming in at number four is the classic wafer candy bar Kit Kat. The light wafer crunch gives eaters a little bit more than just a run of the mill candy bar. With four bars in each packet, eaters can break off a piece or go full animal style and eat the bar whole. My issue with the bar is that I am not a huge fan of the wafer. While Kit Kat is the best at the wafer candy bar, I prefer peanuts or just chocolate.

3. Milky Way:

My favorite bar that uses nougat and caramel together is the Milky Way. Only sold this way in the US, The Milky Way addition of nougat and the removal of the cookie drastically improves the candy bar as a whole. The only real issue with the Milky Way is that I have to be in the mood for caramel.

2. 3 Musketeers:

For number two on my top candy bars list, less is more with a 3 Musketeers bar. For those who don’t know, a 3 Musketeers bar is a Milky Way bar without caramel. I think this makes the bar better as the nougat is allowed to flourish by itself. A great bar that is light and fluffy; enjoyable for all.

1. Hersey Milk Chocolate

If this list doesn’t make it explicitly clear, I like candy bars with fewer ingredients, and nothing exemplifies this more than the Hersey Milk Chocolate bar. With almost no ingredients other than milk and chocolate, this is my favorite candy bar. I can’t put into words how good this bar tastes to me, and I am always ready to eat one.

This is my list and don’t feel afraid to let me know what you think of my list. Next list I will talk about my favorite candies, not in bar form. Now I’m going to go get a Hersey bar.

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