Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark (full name Dorothy Miranda Clark) is a singer-songwriter/vlogger from Epping, Essex in Great Britain. She started her Youtube channel in 2011. Since then she has gone onto perform at conventions such as PlaylistLive and VidCon, and be nominated for several awards, and release three EPs. She concluded her North American Tour, but not before performing in the Showbox in Seattle.

The show began with the lights dimming to complete blackness. Through the excited cheers of the audience, the first notes of Everybody by the Backstreet Boys flowed through the speakers. The floor erupted in joy as the concertgoers danced with conviction. The only thing that made them rejoice even further was the opening act, Tessa Violet, walking onstage, sporting a bright yellow bob and orange jumpsuit. Violet sang fan favorites including Crush, Not Over You, and many more. She even took some time to interact with the audience. She gave someone right up against the barricade a free merchandise token. She entailed that there was a secret competition among the cities to see who is the loudest crowd. Before performing her song Never Enough, she asked everyone to be as quiet as possible. In reaction, some audience members then decided to shush everyone around them.

This elicited a response from Tessa Violet, then saying, "Yes Shushers, me".

After Tessa exited, the audience relaxed the slightest bit. However, this did not last long as members of Dodie Clark's band emerged onto the stage. Everyone cheered in anticipation, as a petite, fairytale-like girl took to the center. Here face dewy, her grin wide. Holding her Kala brand ukelele, Dodie Clark began singing her song Would You Be So Kind. Everybody in the venue sang with the artist, and it continued for the whole night.

Because of Dodie Clark's Youtube background, she has a quite unique connection with her fanbase. Before she performed her song, Intertwined, she asked everyone to pull out their phone flashlights.

After watching them raise their lights into the air, Dodie promptly told her fans, "Now shine it on yourselves".

Miss Clark surveyed the venue, looking at all people who came to see her. She then said, "I have seen all of you, every one of you. Now turn your lights back out and let us begin".

By far the most touching moment of the night was a small monologue before the last song before the encore.

Dodie said, "I wrote this last song when I was in a better place, it has a place in my heart. Because whenever I perform it, I look into the crowd, and I see a familiar face. And when I say that, I don't mean a person I know. I mean there is a certain look, that I know very well, and it is not a nice place to be in. I am very sorry if you are there, but I wrote this song for you and I hope you listen to the words because they are true and I really believe them".

Dodie Clark proceeded to sing her song Secrets for The Mad with nothing but her, the microphone, and her audience.

After witnessing this performance, I was changed a person. I have never heard a song live sang with so much raw emotion. Both from Dodie Clark and everyone in the Showbox. Every word uttered by this woman, she meant, and the connection she had with her fans was real. This was how an artist's relationship with their fans should be like. To have that connection and understanding of each other. At that moment, it almost seemed more like a gathering of old friends than a concert.

Just as soon as they left the stage, they were back on. Performing songs with a higher tempo and peppy feel. The song In the Middle particularly hyped up the crowd. During the bridge, Dodie Clark took her mallets and kept the rhythm of the song on a Surdo-like drum.

At the end of the night, Dodie and friends closed with leading the crowd in a sing along to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Everyone certainly left with the mentality of, "good times never felt so good".

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