The Descendents Preview

In the music industry, there are a lot of bands that often fall victim to father time. The Descendants, however, aren't one of those bands. The men who are considered of being the godfathers of pop punk. The Descendants have been a staple in punk rock since the conception of the scene. This Friday night at the legendary Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington will host this group as they resurrect some classics, as well as play all of their newer material including a lot from their latest album Hypercaffium spazzinate. With a few changes since the start of the band in 1978 with Bill Stevenson still holding it down on the drums. He is accompanied by the bassmaster general himself Carl Alvarez, along with the guitar master Stephen Egerton. All fronted by the always electric and pleasantly infamous Milo Jay Aukerman Ph.D. This band has broken up and gotten together multiple times through each band members career. Most in part to Milo Aukerman who left the band every few years to pursue his own higher education in the field of biology. Though their album releases were very far between, they have left their mark indefinitely in the history books of not only punk rock, but music as a whole.

The Descendants are also bringing along a few opening acts that are sure not to disappoint. A Wilhelm Scream and Audio Karate will take the stage Friday and along with them, they bring a whole lot of grit and energy. A Wilhelm Scream is a post-hardcore group from New Bedford, Massachusetts that have been playing together since the mid 90’s. Their gritty style and fast pace has landed them touring with bands such as Rise Against, Pennywise and Less than Jake in the past, as well as releasing 9 albums. I myself have never had the pleasure of seeing them live, but I am highly anticipating it!

With A Wilhelm Scream is the group known as Audio Karate. Audio Karate is comprised of a group of childhood friends from Rosemead, California that all rally around their love for 80’s skate punk and 70’s metal. They have had a fascinating career thus far, from playing multiple festivals and tours with notable bands such as the Ataris, Tsunami Bomb, and The Vandals. To even writing the soundtrack to the Spanish language independent film, Maquillaje in 2006. The background and sound of this band make them an act that I will be closely paying attention to! (If I'm not moshing at this point).

Altogether this is a show that will be one I know that I will never forget. From the announcement of the tour, I have been anxiously marking the days off of my calendar in anticipation. The diversity in this punk rock line up will be unique, fast, and full of fun! Stay tuned for an upcoming concert review next week!

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