LeBron vs Jordan

The Toronto Raptors were swept on Monday by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the NBA playoffs. According to ESPN.com, the Raptors had an 88 percent chance to win the series against the Cavs. The only question, could they stop LeBron.

They were not even close. According to ESPN.com, LeBron led the entire series in points scored per game with 34, assists 11.3, and steals 1.8. He also led the Cavs in blocks with 1 and was second on the team in rebounds per game with 8.3.

LeBron won this series single-handed for the Cavs. With his incredible playoff stats this year and his stellar 15 year NBA career, LeBron had incited the same debate since when he entered the league: is he better than Michael Jordan.

Yes, he is.

Many will argue that Michael has more rings than LeBron. Well then by that logic the greatest player of all time is Bill Rusell but, no one thinks that Russell is better than Jordan. So that isn't a good argument to use against LeBron.

Others will argue that Jordan has scored more points over the course of his career. Then by this logic then, the best player of all-time is Kareem Abdul Jabar. Again, but no one argues that Kareem is better than Michael and LeBron is on pace to beat Kareem's scoring mark by the age of 38 according to Jeff Zillgitt of the USA Today. So that argument doesn't work.

Well, Michael's a better scorer people will say. Yes, Michael average more points per game than LeBron did over his career, but LeBron has a better field goal percentage and three-point percentage than Michael. With LeBron barely behind Jordan by a little over 1,000 points, It seems to me that LeBron is the more efficient scorer and therefore a better scorer.

Then let's not forget that LeBron averages more assists and rebounds than Michael and LeBron has already passed him with more total assists and rebounds. LeBron can and has already shown that he can play more positions than Michael by at times playing power forward and point guard for his teams along with shooting guard and small forward like Michael.

LeBron has been a fixture of the NBA finals over the last decade. LeBron has been to seven straight NBA finals and if he were to make it this year that would be eight in a row, which is more than Jordan ever went to in his whole career let alone in a row.

LeBron's greatness is on complete display every night he steps onto the floor. With him and Michael tied in seasons played in the league, LeBron has passed Michael in the eyes of me and many others in the basketball world. With many guessing that LeBron will play well into his late-30's, the gap between him and Jordan will only grow until there is no question that he is the best player of all-time.

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