Sunday Sports Central Recap: No-Hitters... No Excitement

Sean Manaea threw a no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, April 21. A no-hitter is a special performance by a pitcher in the MLB, not allowing a single hit in nine innings of pitching is a task that is hard to accomplish.

The problem is that any pitcher in the MLB can throw one.

There have been 37 no-hitters in the MLB in the last 10 years. The math is easy, that's about four no-hitters every year in the majors. For something touted as "special," it feels as though no-hitters are losing their excitement.

There's a new era of dominance in the MLB. About every 10-20 years, there's a major shift one way or the other. Either the pitchers dominate the hitters, or the hitters dominate the pitchers. In the late 90s and early 2000s hitters absolutely owned pitchers. So, the pitchers have done nothing other than exactly what they needed to do: evolve. And now, we see an era where hitters need to start evolving to catch up to all the good starting pitching in the MLB.

We don't see 70 home run seasons like we did from big time players merely 20 years ago, but we do see no-name Triple-A level starting pitchers throwing no-hitters in the majors.

Sean Manaea's no-hitter was special, as he threw it against the best hitting team in the MLB, the Boston Red Sox. But the thing is, while throwing one against the best team shows you did something special, it also shows that maybe is not as hard as we think it is to throw one, and for that reason, are they really exciting at all?

Photo Credit: AP Photo by John Hefti

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