Aces, Dueces, and Ball Boys

The Ellensburg Bulldog’s boys and girls tennis teams flexed their muscles when they defeated the Wapato Wolves on Tuesday night. The matches were held on the campus of Central Washington University.

The boy’s tennis team won three out of their five matches to sneak out a victory. In singles play, Andrew Hull controlled the match the entire way. He defeated his opponent Xavier Garza six to two and six to three to win in straight sets.

Joshua Rosen didn’t see the same success his teammate saw on the court Tuesday night. Rosen fought hard in the first match narrowly losing five to seven and then he couldn’t get his mojo back as he fell six to two in the second set to lose in straight sets.

Jacob Haldeman and Trevor Carlton of Ellensburg lost to Ben Erickson, and Najae Pineda in straight sets in doubles play for the boys. Jaiden Duby and Michael Nelson bested Jalen Olney and Dominic Player in straight sets to tie the series two to two. In the rubber match, Luke Michel and Brenner Hall beat Gerry Dosono and Anthony Saran in straight sets to secure the victory for the boy's Bulldogs tennis team.

For the girl’s side of the action, Laida Hatebur kept everything consistent when she beat Ruby Colin six to three in both sets. Addie Klucking fought valiantly but it wasn’t enough, as she lost to Ariana Cordova in straight sets.

The girl's doubles teams dominated the Wolves by sweeping them in every doubles match in straight sets. These victories led to the Bulldog’s winning four to one in this CWAC league match up. With their victories Tuesday, the Ellensburg boys jumped to five and three overall and went to two and two in league play. The girl’s team continued their dominance as they went to seven and one on the year and three and one in league play.

The Bulldogs next game will be their senior night as they take on the Grandview Greyhounds next Thursday.

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