Azevedo Leads Othello to Golf Win, Still Wants More

Local high school boys golf kicked off April 10 with a four-team match between Othello High School, Ellensburg High School, Prosser High School, and Grandview High School. The match was at Black Rock Creek Golf Course in Sunnyside, WA.


Othello High School took home the win, with 348 strokes. At second was Ellensburg High School with 383 strokes. Third place was Prosser High School, with 399 strokes. Last place was Grandview with 538 points. Grandview's result was due to an incomplete Varsity roster, and in high school golf if a spot is empty on the teams roster, the team automatically adds 150 strokes to their total. Grandview only golfed with two players.

Player Spotlight

For week one of the season, the player spotlight goes to Othello High School's Patrick Azevedo. Azevedo won the 2A state championship last year for boys golf. Leading the team Tuesday with 80 strokes, Azevedo felt that he could have done better.

"I feel like I did not play anywhere near my best," Azevedo said. "It was a rough day."

Coming from the player that had the best score on the day, I was pleasantly surprised hearing that kind of determination out of a high school golfer.

Azevedo's season goal was to get back to where he was last year and take home the state championship once again.

"My main goal is to win state. For my golfing career I would like to be nationally ranked on the Junior Golf Scoreboard," Azevedo said.

The Junior Golf Scoreboard is an online information service to let young golfers market themselves and let fans know the relative skill of the future of the game.

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