Remembering Jaxon Joseph

Devastating, saddening, depressing.

These are all feelings that can be used to describe the tragedy that happened on April 6, 2018 in Canada’s Saskatchewan province. The Humboldt Broncos were driving their team bus to Nipawin Saskatchewan when their bus collided with a tractor-trailer. From the Humboldt family, there were 16 lives lost with ages ranging from 16 to 59 years old.

Terry Jones, the coach of the Beaver Valley Nitehawks, tweeted about the loss of his former player Jaxon Joseph.

I sat down with Jones to talk with him more on Joseph as a hockey player and a person.

“He was a solid player and a great teammate,” Jones said about Joseph as a hockey player.

It is no secret that Joseph had a famous smile and was known as a happy person. It seems everybody remembers his grin.

His coaches and teammates knew Joseph as a hard worker. Jones and his staff were impressed by Joseph’s hard work in the offseason to find a way on the team. “He came to us in the spring and was pretty gangly," Jones said. "He worked hard to make the team and was determined to make the team.”

The hard work paid off for Joseph as he finished with 23 points in just 35 games with the Nitehawks. This hard work transferred throughout Joseph’s career with his other teams including the Broncos, as he was one of the top point leaders during the playoffs this season.

Joseph played hockey and kindly lived life; even if that at times angered his hockey coaches. “He played the game in a real sportsman way. On more than one occasion I would say play tougher, play stronger, play meaner.” Jones said. “But that wasn’t his style, that wasn’t his type. He played the game hard, but he played the game the right way.”

Jaxon Joseph and the 15 others that lost their lives on Friday will be missed by their family members and the hockey community as a whole. This bus crash was a tragedy and if you wish to help Humboldt, go to their website and find one of the many ways you can help this community heal.

Rest in Peace Jaxon Joseph, 1997-2018.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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